9 Singapore Tourist Attractions for visitors

Singapore is a relatively small country with only one city named Singapore, but Singapore owns quite a lot of fun and famous in modern Asia. People are more likely to have heard of such names as Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands or Safari Safari … These names are the most fun to visit in Singapore. So where do you go to Singapore? Place to visit in singapore? What to do in Singapore? The article below will guide you to 9 Singapore tourist destinations that you can not miss when coming to this city. Let’s discover what fun things are.

Singapore Tourist Attractions and Place to visit in Singapore:

Singapore is small but travel costs are high, although for short distances, the MRT or bus ride costs about $ 0.8 – $ 1 SDG. You should choose to stay at the points of travel between the points of interest for convenience, preferably near the central area.

The prominent Singapore tourist attractions you should not miss (according to that is:

Place to visit in singapore

1. One day at Sentosa Island and Universal Studio Singapore

Sentosa is Singapore’s fourth largest island, about 15 minutes by bus from central Singapore. On Sentosa Island is Asia’s largest leisure complex, incorporating heritage centers and nature parks. Most visitors to Singapore choose to go to Sentosa once a day or two days. If you go with your family with the children, group travel is definitely not to be missed Sentosa.

Sentosa has a 2 km long beach, Siloso fortress, two golf courses and two 5 star hotels, Sentosa Island invades the sea a year due to the unique design of tourist investors. In addition, there are museums, theaters, modern movie theaters, golf clubs. It can be said Sentosa is a convergence destination of the world’s elite from all over the world. All Sentosa has four leisure and recreation areas, including Imbiah Lookout, Siloso Point, Beaches and Resorts World Sentosa. Moving between these areas is easy with the Sentosa Express bus system.

On the way to Sentosa Island, you can take the MRT to Harbor Front Station (NE1 / CC29) which is also a stopover of the Vivo city shopping mall. Then go to the 3rd floor of the Vivo City court and take the Sentosa Express for $ 3S, or walk to the first floor to follow the directions. The pedestrian street is about 800 meters long and can look at the panorama of the city and the island. Which is called walkway but full escalators, go very leisurely, also the roof should not be sunny.

What to play on Sentosa Island?

  • USS Singapore Studio – Universal Studio SIngapore (USS Singapore Travel Experience)
  • Water music performance “Wings of time”

  • SEA Aquarium

  • Fort Fort Siloso

  • Madame Tussauds and Images Of Singapore

  • Sentosa Wave House

  • Skyline Luge Sentosa

With many fun points as above, you must spend at least a day or 2 days to be able to go all the fun. Of course, select the fun spots to suit you. especially recommends watching Wings of Time, Madame Tussauds, and Universal Studio, and the SEA Aquarium.

2. Aquarium S.E.A

Located on Sentosa Island, S.E.A. The Aquarium is an ocean park complex that displays more than 100,000 marine organisms, 800 species and more than 20,000 types of coral, with up to 45 million liters of water. The aquarium also owns the world’s longest lazy river (620m) and the world’s largest collection of stingrays.

Next to the water tanks is a movie screen, tables provide visitors full information about each species in the aquarium S.E.A. Aquarium. Visitors will not be overwhelmed by the size of large fish tanks, where many species of marine life together.

In addition to the large aquarium, you can also experience a night-time experience or enjoy a meal at the restaurant that surrounds the floating fish. A strange experience right?

The aquarium is located on Sentosa Island, so you can join the USS & Aquarium in the same day is ok.

Buy SEA Aquarium tickets at Kite travel – 20% cheaper than buy at the ticket counter, you refer immediately:

3. Garden by the bay

The garden on the Bay, a man-made wonder of Singapore attracts crowds of visitors to take pictures and explore nature. Garden by the bay is located in the immediate vicinity of the Marina Bay Sands complex.

Gardens by the Bay is home to about 250,000 species of precious trees, divided into three areas: Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. Outside areas are free, free of charge, greenhouse dome vaults cost SGD 28. You should come in the afternoon and play until dark, because the evening lights are quite nice, more can enjoy Show Music combined with the light from the beautiful Super tree. If you like to walk on the bridges across the super trees, you have to buy a ticket of $ 8 SGD, the ticket counter is right below, note the hours of ticket sales are before 8 pm daily.

The most impressive feature here is the South Bay South Garden, which has 18 “Supertree” trees with a height of 25 – 30m, which functions to collect sunlight and light up at night. The trunk is made of concrete, and the branches are made from thousands of steel frames, surrounded by ferns.

Time to visit Garden by the Bay you should go from late afternoon to late. There will be a chance to see the Garden during the day and at night. Can go from 17h30 to 20h00, bring snacks, then dinner after.

4. Little India and Arab Street

Singapore is a multicultural and culturally diverse country, where there are many neighborhoods that feature residents from all over Asia who come to live and shop and bring indigenous cultures to the colors. Religious culture extremely unique. Including Indian, Chinese, Arabic, or Malaysia areas. In each of these neighborhoods you should visit their typical markets, which will have plenty to explore. For example, the Indian street area is colorful, with Hindu temples ….

Little India’s special features are the shopping malls along Serangoon Street, the Veeramakaliamman Temple and the Muslim shrine at the end of Dunlop Street. The shopping district of the Indian is quite noisy because Indian music is always open throughout the day. And more so than the fragrance, the perfume, and the perfume are filled everywhere.

If you go to Little India on the occasion of Deepavali or Thaipusam festival, you will feel more than the bustle here with so many colors, lights are decorated on the road as well as the devotion of the people here.

5. Chinatown area

One of the most characteristic streets in Singapore is the Chinese town, China town center, as you know, the Chinese in Singapore are the majority with over 55% of the population. I used to walk in Chinatown in the afternoon, this busy area was the place where the Chinese people had been trading for centuries. Now that you’ve stepped into pedestrian streets, restaurants, and souvenir shops, you can walk along Pagoda, Trengganu and Sago streets to try some of your favorite items.

The most prominent feature in the streets is the red lantern, decorated everywhere. Make you feel like walking in the Chinatown anywhere in the world. China town will be most beautiful on every New Year Lunar New Year. Activities such as dragon dance, lion dance, folk games are held everywhere, people come here to shop and have fun, which creates a unique Chinese setting in Singapore.

6. Statue of Merlion Lion and Marina Bay Sands Complex

If arriving in Singapore, 99.9% of the people come to the Merlion Lion and Marina Bay sands. The lion statue of Merlion is the symbol of Singapore, opposite the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and the Shangri-La Theater. Hotel Marienna sands is a complex of casino resorts, consisting of three buildings connected by Sands SkyPark as a large boat, located at an altitude of over 200m. On the top floor of the skypark, there is a swimming pool (for hotel guests only), cafe area, and sightseeing for $ 23 / person.

Normally, you will spend one evening and evening, around the area, running through the Merlion for a moment and taking a scenic view for about 30 minutes. Then walk or subway through the front of the Marina Bay Hotel, where you visit the art museum (with the lotus flower shape). In the evening at Marina Bay, there will be light-fusing Waterloo concerts, free of charge, and hourly showings, with a duration of about 15 minutes. Detailed information about this activity you see here.

Next you can walk at Helix Bridge, a 280m long bridge made of stainless steel linking the Marina Center to the South Marina area. At night, brightly lit bridge to the water attracted many visitors to visit. You should visit this bridge after watching the performance of water music.

7.Shopping at Vivo City

Singapore is famous for its shopping paradise, and Hunting Out Sale, not many visitors to Singapore just for shopping and entertainment. Apart from the famous amusement parks mentioned above, it is also easy to walk through the major shopping centers for shopping. Many choose to go: Orchard Road (the longest shopping street), or Suntec city mall, Marina Square, etc. Besides, there are cheap shopping areas in the chinatown tourist area or people India, the prices in the small market market is infinite, always have to bargain when shopping. Large centers offer more genuine listings and sales. In addition, there are many specialized sales for each item, you also need to consult more closely.

One of Singapore’s favorite shopping destinations is Vivo City. With toidi, this is the largest shopping center in Singapore, where all major brands gather. With more than 350 stores located on 4 floors, and floor space is huge, spacious stalls with eye-catching decorations will make you walk tired feet. If you are short on time, just walk around in Vivo City in a day is ok, do not have to spend money to move to other shopping, because in my experience the major brands are located in all Shopping center.

Vivo City is also located on suburban lines and buses, to the USS, and to Sentosa. You can combine Sentosa day and night walks in Vivo City, say that, not sure if you have the strength to go offline. But if possible combine to save money moving MRT.

8. Night Safari

Night Safari is a special destination among Singapore tourist destinations. Because this is the first Night Safari in the world, open the night to welcome visitors with a record crowd. Night Safari was opened in May 1994, and by 2007 it had welcomed 11 million visitors. Night Safari is now more than 40 hectares, with more than 1200 animals, of 110 species, live in wilderness. The success of Night Safari comes from conservation combined with commercial tourism. The zoo features the tropical jungle animals, but is also home to many rare animals from all over the world such as Africa, America, Europe …

Opening hours: 19h00 – 24h00 daily.

Tickets open from: 17h30 – 23h15 (note sales hours)

Coming to Night Safari you will use trams to travel through the zoo. With 40 minutes on the tram, you will have the opportunity to explore the nightlife of deer, African safari, touched, cuddled the cute animals. Visiting untouched wild zoos. With the impressive experience of Night Safari, surely with family and little children, you should not miss this exciting destination.

9.The MacRitchie Nature Trail

If you are tired of high rise buildings and commercial centers, you should visit the natural gardens in Singapore. There are many famous gardens in Singapore such as Botanic Garden, Fort Canning Park, but to be a highlight you should come to Macritchie Reservoir, built in 1867, a large natural garden with many natural animals. wave. At this place, you can walk around the 11 km long trail in the jungle, join kayaking, rowing … Especially you will enjoy the wandering on the suspension bridge 250m long, connecting Between Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang, the two highest peaks in the MacRitchie forest, across the lush tropical jungle below.

The best time to come here is early morning, cool and fresh air that makes you feel invigorated and blended into nature. When you come here do not miss the Tree Top Walk bridge, from this suspension bridge you have the opportunity to admire many beautiful scenery here.

The above are the 9 most desirable Singapore Tourist Attractions and place to visit in singapore you should visit and experience, hope you have an impressive trip to Singapore.