Barcelona, ​​dream from childhood

Flight Paris – Barcelona

Begin the check-in procedure for Trans Avia’s Barcelona flight after an intermittent sleep, the back of my limbs still moist. For the first time in my life, knowing how to sleep at the airport while sleeping alone was difficult, for a long night I kept nodding my limbs and gripping my luggage for fear of theft. . Anyway, this is also Paris, the most developed city in Europe, except for the extreme immigrants, the people here are all civilized, they are very conscious. In retrospect, they may look at me as slimy and uncivilized, and they must be my guardian, not that I’m watching them.

Check-in was pretty fast because I did this on my phone, so I just took out the security door and the scan was done. Recently it was reported that when going to the plane need to print the ticket, not hold electronic tickets saved on the phone, otherwise will be fined 15 euros, I do not have any such request but you Note this to avoid annoying yourself. Before leaving, I also thought that this trip was going through many European countries, so my passport would have many emblems of many countries. But no, until I got here I realized that when I was in the EU, I only had one Schengen seal, and the rest flew between countries in the region, Fly inland and they only check the passport without any other exit sign. There is no chance of being happy, but it is also good because airport procedures are shortened and I do not have to worry about Customs questions every time I go through a country. That’s it. Probably the precaution for the risk after recent plane crash that the security check baggage too strict. The customs officer pulled out the smallest things in my balo, scanned and searched. The water in the pair is shed and the sunscreen is repackaged. No, water poured me into the Departure area to get back from the public faucet. Finally over.

Waiting room today is more bustling than usual because some young people returned to Spain, I began to perceive that “French girls are beautiful, girls in the South is even more beautiful” of My friend. Not only beautiful but also very natural, fun too. This group seems to be a bunch of band music, they carelessly hold their phones together in the middle of the plane waiting for passengers around, like practicing the bar. I stand alone helplessly, but keep glaring at my friends.

Stepping off the plane with a long walkway, the person shivered with a cold chill. This is 7am in France, the horizon has glowed yellow light. Maybe today will be a sunny day in Paris, Barcelona sure too. I still think it’s a pity that my first day in Paris was blurring and I did not get any pictures for the soul, and I hope the return to Paris will be as beautiful as it is today. Passengers on this flight is not very large because part of Trans Avia is not very famous, but this flight is quite early. But the most surprising thing is that the flight attendant male is male, and most of them look like teenagers, dress is also very simple. Bye bye to the city lights from above, I lean back and relax a bit with the magazine, then look out the window of the plane, so beautiful dawn …

Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya or Catalonia with the main language being Catalan. This place is famous football club is FC Barcelona, ​​which is the main motive for me on this journey of Europe. Catalonia will have a referendum in 2015 to decide whether to break away from Spain and establish an independent state. It has a distinct voice and culture that is recognized by Spain and the world as a whole, and has a strong economy which contributes 20% of Spain’s GDP and stands firm even when the country is in crisis. finance.

Barcelona airport is not very impressive, apart from the fact that everything here is a picture of FC Barcelona. The souvenir shops in the airport flooded Barca, from the club image and the players. It does not look like today because it looks like the capital of Catalonia has had a heavy rain.

After a few minutes swirling around the souvenir shops at the airport for the sake of souvenirs here, I decided to go to the city center to watch later, and out to pick up the bus to the city. At the point of buying a bus ticket, there is a desk with a lot of consultants, you can ask where to go and a beautiful consultant will be happy to give you a map with a circular road map. On it. One way ticket to the center is 5.90 euros, round-the-clock is 10.2 euros and is valid for 15 days, you can book tickets through this page: En / lines.


For my hostel book in the city center, I took the A1 bus line to Pl.Catalunya, all the tourist and shopping areas are concentrated in this area, from Zara HM or Gaudi architectural buildings. around. Stepping off, the first thing is to ask for directions to the hostel. It seems that very few people here speak English, especially middle-aged people, so they are just asking and pointing out enough for them to understand. My hostel is located on the Gran Via de Catalunya Catalanes, and I hear that they are pronounced “Gran-bi”, until it is understood that in Spanish, the letter V is pronounced B, just like the player name Xavi. They read it – bai there! Turns out the road is easy to find, but the road is not very close, because this city is no less … Paris!

The layout here is also in Paris, which means that the buildings are built in fixed blocks that make the city look like a miniature chess board. The height of the buildings is also limited and very uniform, so no look buds to drastically diminish as anyone do in Korea. Each building is a solid city built of large stone blocks and has a long history, creating an ancient city and creating a sense of tradition.

After a final walk, it is near, because from morning until now I did not eat anything so I threw through the supermarket to buy some. Oh, the price in this country is great, bread, sausage, or spaghetti are very cheap. Most surprising is the price of milk, I bought a 1 liter milk cans that calculated less than 1500 WON. Look to want to live here forever, crave too! Drive a series of supermarkets, just go eat delicious.

My hostel booked impressive recognition, from reception to facilities, conditions and prices. Not yet but there is nothing to criticize, the room price is only 10 euro / night, I also do not understand why I was so cheap at that time because many people have feedback to I’m usually priced between 15-20 euros / night. Until 2pm afternoon, I checked in at 10am, so I sent in advance. Your reception is very beautiful and personal, I give praise to the words (as if the words in a thousand and one night!) About your beauty, you are enthusiastic advice and lead me down Shipping at warehouse always.

Hostel Urbany Hostel BCN GO!:

The warehouse is located in the basement of the hostel, below is quite wide, there is also table for guests, full kitchen with cooking utensils and refrigerator and washing machine. Laundry service is the only one that will cost you money, while the rest will be used comfortably. Get bought at the supermarket and heat through the microwave, I sit and eat with a few friends here. There was a very young German (18 years old) volunteering, an Argentina traveling around the world and a group of Malaysian friends studying in England. All are cheerful and open-minded people, eat together and share food is fun. After sending and lunch, I started exploring the city of Barcelona.

Due to the time remaining, I have not determined to take pictures of the scenery here but I will take pictures of life and scenes, so I am quite rude and not rushed. In front of my eyes I just wandered around the streets near the hostel. Head straight to Universitat, Urgell to the intersection of Place de Espanya. This intersection is very large with some busy shopping areas with 6 turns. Cross the road Av.Reina Maria Cristina with the gate offering two large pillars, I head towards Montjuic.

One thing that is easy to see here is the air in the afternoon or early afternoon on the street is quite quiet and deserted. Spaniards have a rather bad habit of taking a long lunch and allow themselves to open when they open, especially in small shops. Do not be surprised if you see somewhere hanging the beach closed for lunch break, and only open again at late afternoon in the afternoon. They can work very late but sleep well in the daytime. I have heard that in Barcelona, ​​the rest of Spain, especially in the south, is more horrible when it comes to sleeping in the afternoon. This may have been a reason for Spain’s recent slump in recent years, rising unemployment and Barcelona’s share of the sluggish economy. Not only Spain, other Southern European countries like Italy and Greece are also in this alarming situation.

La Rambla

Continue to walk to the famous La Rambla, this is a long street offering a lot of souvenirs in Barcelona and quite close to my hostel. This road shows the Catalan culture very well with the old buildings along the road, the painter painted and a lot of people walking on the marble pavement. You can easily pick me a souvenir, a photo of Barcelona or souvenirs of the Barcelona Football Club. Tourists here are always crowded. La Rambla is like a constant flow of day and night. It is easy to see that this road can be traced to the streets of Hang Ngang Hang Dao in Hanoi, but much wider and longer, especially with such large crowds, So without seeing a bit of rubbish discharged to the side of the road. People from local people to tourists are very conscious.

The souvenirs featured prominently in the buildings of the city, such as Gaudi’s paintings, city or Columbus statues. Especially, I saw everywhere about the publications, souvenirs and pictures of FC Barcelona, ​​about Messi, Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta, the famous Catalan footballers. Soccer has eaten into the flesh of every Barcelona child, as a religion and as a symbol of the Catalan uprising against the oppression of the Royal Spanish in previous years of history. . Camp Nou (stadium of FC Barcelona) is a sanctuary for people who are always crowded in every game, they consider players as one’s home and everything related to the club inscribed in My heart.

At the end of the road is the beach with the Columbus statue pointing out to the Mediterranean and the port of Barcelona. This area is the most beautiful port in Barcelona because it is home to many yachts and the mesmerizing shopping mall at the seaside. Since the cleansing of the coast for the 1992 Olympics, the area has become a magnet for visitors. Now I’m on the bridge with bars bending the strings on a guitar across the sea between La Rambla and the Maremagnum. You can find here 12 cinemas, the Imax, and a variety of restaurants, pubs and discos. Maremagnum is the only place in Barcelona that is open all day of the year regardless of holidays or holidays. So on long holidays like Christmas or Easter, this is where the visitors come in because it is the only place to open sales while all the stores. Other in the city are closed. Night life begins at about 11am and lasts until 6am.

Tram in Barcelona

Finishing a long day of walking, I found my way to Metro to get to the hostel by metro. Metro stations in Barcelona are quite old, usually there is a staff standing at the exit. I walked down a small tunnel leading down to the station area, where only one middle-aged woman was standing in a narrow area in front of the subway. The door is quite special because it is made of dark iron bars, not stainless steel bars like many stations in other developed cities. People also take the train is a lot of components, some people bring a giant pet, some people carry the bicycle on the big train.

Buy a single ticket to Metro here is € 2.15, but if you go more then buy 10 tickets for only € 9.95, save half compared to the purchase of retail tickets. The Metro map is simple but difficult to remember because the street name is in Spanish, but if you are still in the train station, they still charge you only 1 ticket, so if you get lost, Rest assured that back to comfort no one will charge more money! It took me a long time to find my way on the map, asking the staff there, although the instructions were very enthusiastic but due to linguistic differences, I did not understand the instructions. . So I was going in the opposite direction lost two Metro station, back to walk back to return. It took a lot of time so it was late for me to get to the hostel.

The first day of my stay in Barcelona called the city worth living in Europe, from the people, the cost of living, and the arts and culture, a fortune in the mountains, the sea and especially Sunny all year round. Although people often say that they want to understand culture in some place, they have to get along with them, live and work together with local people, not just to go there for a few days, visit some places For example, then eat some local famous dishes. Of course, I have hardly had the chance to do that unless now I quit my job and only one thing is to travel year-round throughout the month. But I’m still trying to do it wherever I go, feeling some of the parts that I may not have understood yet, which could also be a way to open the door for reasons to come back here. Things I have not learned in my previous trip. I like the feeling of sitting alone on a stone bench or sea floor in Barcelona’s harbor, admiring the ships that are parked in front of their faces, the flocks of birds coming down for food, lightness and serenity. I like the warm sun here, it has a bit of red gold is very characteristic of the Mediterranean, causing people not to haggle and contain emotionally unstable …

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