Barcelona – Camp Nou and more

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Day 2 in Barcelona

From the day I landed in Europe I wake up late every morning because I lost too much. Today’s plan will be the morning for shopping and Gaudi architecture, and the whole afternoon for Camp Nou.

It is interesting to say that one-on-one life on each street is also interesting. In the morning, getting out of the bunk bed was only a small one, all around strangers, but looking at the West guy it is twice as big as mine. My hostel usually has from 6 to 10 beds, each person no one cares about who, the guy reading, the guy lying text messages to girls, sometimes there is a rattling rumbling Bar. In crowded days also worry about missing items, where to go to look at the camera backpack is not, also lavish.

Barcelona today is as sunny as yesterday. But first you have to give something in the stomach. My third floor room, separate from the bar area below, is very quiet. Elevators are available separately in each area, the key is the room key is only smart it has opened the elevator to my floor should be secure security. Standing awkward for a moment, he decided to get up and run down to the kitchen to get some cool items in the fridge yesterday, bought in supermarkets, breads, sausages, and brought himself out. From time to time I eat bread every day.

Finished breakfast, I began to review information about the tourist attractions in Barcelona. Gaudi’s buildings are one of the highlights of this city. Architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) was the son of Catalan and also the father of modernism. Seven of his architectural works have been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritages of the year. 1984 – 2005. These include Casa Vincens, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Bellesguard, Colonia Guell. After marking the points on the map to make the best move I started off the subway.

The violin on the train from the Universitat to the Sagrada Familia is romantic, this man is like to inspire people, so calm, no longer lonely and tired. There is no regular coin hat, street art is the place to be. The train has arrived at the station and I half wanted to go down half to sit a little more to hear more. To say Barcelona is romantic, but it’s not like romance in Paris, it’s the music that makes up that romance. Here, everyone wants to sing anytime, anywhere, people around not only do not get annoyed, everyone wants to enjoy the music, and sing along too. Almost anywhere, the square, amusement park can meet a group of people singing, dancing, like the films of Latin America like Venezuela, Argentina or Brazil I used to see that time.

Sagrada Familia

The train stopped at the Sagrada Familia, the sun shining on my face as I stepped from the tunnel. On the other side of the road, striking the eye is a work of the freakish architecture I first saw in my life. It is the Sagrada Familia. This is the work that brought Gaudi to the summit of his career. Bringing in a combination of ancient Gothic architecture and religious ideas, Gaudi has brought viewers the feel of the faith, the hope God gives to the sheep. Unfortunately, the new building completed a quarter, he died in an accident, and the work was so complex that no one could succeed him. Right next to the church is a small museum displaying souvenirs, documents about Gaudi as well as the Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia

The ring behind me again caught a souvenir shop of FC Barca, and of course I could not help but want to see it. In here is really what you want to buy, but what is expensive too! The price for a shirt is nearly 100 euro, and if you want to print the name of the player they will print directly at the counter for me.

Casa Battlo and Casa Mila

Out of Barca’s store, I continue to wander around the streets, looking at Zara for a moment. Oh forget to introduce Spain is the home of the famous fashion brand Zara. Zara is everywhere in the world, but Zara Spain is always the cheapest, and has a different emotion than the rest of the world.

Trains pass through Passeig de Gràcia, this is a busy shopping area in Barcelona and is home to two of Gaudi’s other famous buildings, Casa Battlo and Casa Mila.

Casa Mila was started in 1905 and completed in 1912 after years of Gaudi’s long struggle. Initially, the city’s Catholic council rejected the project of building a monumental religious icon with a statue of Mary, but thanks to the protection and the help of a priest That Gaudi finally started this project.

A few hundred meters along the Passeig de Gracia is the Casa Batllo, once home to the Gaudi family. Highlights here are the architects do not use any straight line in the design so it is also called “bones” – Casa dels Ossos.

Camp Nou và FC Barcelona

Goodbye to Gaudi’s works, I began my journey to Camp Nou, the sacred land that I had hoped for from a small place. Camp Nou is located close to the outskirts of the city, where it is a complex consisting of the headquarters of the Barcelona team and the La Masia youth academy. Stepping up to the ground from the subway station was a pretty deserted place, I caught a resident asking for a walk to Camp Nou. Stepping into the previous clubhouse, I woke up to fix the phone to shoot myself, the point that rookie players usually take when returning to Barca. I was not able to get a picture of a family of two spouses and children passing by, find me miserable too they have proposed shooting help. So finally got a photo as a new rookie on this club.

The backstage behind the building is the entrance to the stadium, which is connected to the main entrance by a huge souvenir shop. Admission is 23 euro, you can buy this ticket online or at the dealer of the club in the city, or even the hostel where you live, the price is equal to offline. This ticket is called the Camp Nou Experience, which includes a series of closed circle experiences: Admission – Traditional Room – 2nd Floor of the Stadium – Press Room – Dressing Room – Down Court – Up commentator cabin – Multimedia room – Souvenir shop.

A memorable experience, and felt 23 euros worth every penny. Before I even bought some beautiful souvenirs. The last door to the souvenir chain was also a smart arrangement of the club because after experiencing the many areas of the stadium, almost everyone felt proud of Is a cule (nicknamed by Barcelona fans) and they all want to buy something that represents their favorite club.

Day 3 in Barcelona

Today was the last day in Barcelona, ​​the main purpose, the points I need to have already achieved, so determined today just relax after the first day overwhelmed in this European land only. Slowly wake up at 9am, otherwise I have to check out before 10am, I have already sleep. Prepare to clean up the furniture and check-out first, then I send luggage at the hostel to go out.

Sip a cup of coffee with a familiar breakfast – sausage bread, I sat talking to some of my friends there. Often, the hostel groups often play together separately, one side is Europe – the other side is Asia. I met a group of Malaysian and Indian friends who are studying in England also on Easter vacation, they are quite low, only one son is talking to me a lot. Generally they are easy-going and kind, sharing food with me, inviting enthusiasm. Friends from England or America are noisier, playful and talkative. The base of the hostel is quite wide, and is equipped with ping pong table so this place is always busy.

Last night was a sleepless night with quite a lot of young people here. Due to the tiredness, I just watched the games that you want to play but not participate. After a few fun games to get used to like Quizz the quiz is a show. This evening’s hostel often has a bustling event with some very aggressive hosts who know how to connect people and create the intimacy between the hostel and the tourists. There is a desk for private travelers and the table is a black girl from Africa (I do not remember) to Barcelona in the form of internship. They are all very funny and open. I think Hostel Urbany Hostel BCN GO! This is very, very, very worthwhile for people to come and experience.

After breakfast, I wander around La Rambla for a while, then go to the sea and enjoy the fresh air. Barcelona is a big city in Spain, in my opinion, the living standard here is quite high and the price is cheap. As the city thrives on tourism, the services are of high quality and satisfy tourists. It’s time to leave here, but I still have two words in my mind, “Hola” and “Gracia”, which means Hello and Thanks. Their service style is almost like Japanese, very polite and polite to customers. I heard somewhere before the trip that here are pickpockets and robberies, but during three days stay here I have not witnessed any such case.

At 5 pm I went to the hotel, took luggage to catch the bus to the airport, take the flight to Venice at 7 pm. Goodbye Barcelona, ​​Camp Nou, see you next time and hopefully I will have a chance to see some of the matches that Barca play.