Experience the famous Black Pork on Black Pork Street located on Jeju Island

When you learn about Jeju you must have heard a lot about black pork – the famous dish of this beautiful island. Jeju pigs have a slightly different flavor than other conventional pigs, smaller pig sizes with dark skin and smooth feathers. According to food experts, black pork in Jeju when smoked with hay, smoke and heat will make the meat taste delicious and different than before. However, the meals on the island I do not see them have hay fever but the food is still good can not be anywhere.

Eat black pork at the Seogwipo night market

The first day we arrived in Jeju we wandered at the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, the market had a number of eateries and streetfood stalls but not many and varied. There is a small stall that I see (mostly indigenous people) lining up to buy, near to see it is black pork. The black pig with the pointed ears can not be confused.

The pork here sells quite simply, the meat is marinated and grilled hot, then they are cut into small pieces and put in the box for guests to take. Of course, do not forget to add some spices, especially spicy chili powder. Meat is served with a small bamboo stick.

It looks so simple but when you eat it is delicious, the meat here is different from the BBQ meat in the restaurant, they are marinated in the envelope and meat when baked up the crust is crispy. If you eat the meat with the meat is delicious, all out, BBQ meat is not so brittle. We ate the black pork box at 5,000 KRW with a little Kimbap, just had a good broth.

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Eating black pork at Black Pork Street – Jeju City

Actually, there are many BBQ restaurants with black pork, both in Seogwipo and Jeju City, but we decided to choose the famous Black Pork Street in Jeju City. When traveling to Jeju, if you rent a car at AJ Rent-a-car will probably be given to a travel guide, including restaurants in Jeju. You look for Black Pork Street, find their phone number and click on the positioning machine that will direct you to the place.

Address: 25 Gwandeong-ro 15 (sibo) -gil, Geonip-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea

As the road in the area around the restaurant has many interlaced roads, although there are directions, but we also have to go around for a while to see the shop, thinking that there is no parking but to the door to see the front door. The door is very wide for parking.

The door is the famous old man statue – the symbol of Jeju. Just stepped on but the taste of roasted pork has spread throughout the room, aromatic nose filled, but stomach is hungry after all morning wandering around the island. The lady came out to greet us, taking us to a large table by the window overlooking the street.

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Barbecues in Korea share a common layout, with tables that have baking stoves on it, and a silver overhead chimney to remove smoke from the grill. This shop is wide table so they also designed the turntable.

The menu offered by the owner is quite simple, the main course of course is still black pork. We call the rate for two people for 44,000 KRW, slightly expensive but true iron out. You can order meat by weight, with large slices or sliced ​​meats.

A meal here includes always accompanied vegetables such as kimchi, salt or seaweed, raw garlic, mushrooms, bean sprouts, etc. They also include 2 bowls of hot rice and A bowl of kimchi soup to eat. Korean rice with white rice, eat delicious and feel very clean. In addition to free water, they will carry a large bottle of water according to the number of people in the meal.

After order, the staff will heat the pan and bring it to the kitchen for preparation. Usually served to help you roast meat, they put the butter in the pan first and put pieces of fresh meat back, then add the kimchi, mushrooms, bean sprouts on the pan. Look at them baked only that have been hungry, but the style of service here is extremely professional and fast. Sauce is a thick red sauce look quite attractive.

After the meat was ripe, the waiter (that was the owner always) cut the meat into small pieces and kept it on the baking pan, to light the fire again. You can roll with Perilla leaf or large lettuce salad. Perilla leaf is very popular in Korea for barbecue, it is eaten cool and the feeling is very crispy. Some tips to eat the Black Pork barbecue in Jeju:

  • The meat-wrapped section includes cooked toasted black pork, accompanied by a touch of raw garlic, Kim chi or some fresh vegetables and salads. If you call for additional items because of free unlimited.
  • Use your favorite food, and take a bite out of it !: After slicing the pieces of meat, use the sauce to pick up and remember to bring the rolled meat into your mouth. Do not bite half and eat again. Eat must be delicious new taste.
  • How to grill meat: To a little fire because the serving will cut meat very quickly that I have not yet packaged to eat. Do not flip the meat too much and let the meat cooked thoroughly and then eat the package.

Of the total cost for meals is 44.000 KRW looks like 40-42.000 KRW for Black Pork for 2 people, the other 2.000 KRW is to add more rice or mind! In general quite full, barbecue, leaves to pack, salads eaten, in addition to rice soup also enough. Wish everyone enjoy this delicious food offline!