Experience the romance in Europe

In July, made a memorable trip to Europe’s most romantic spots, from the Lavender fields in southern France, to the top of the Jungfrau, considered to be the roof of Europe. The world’s most beautiful lake village Hallstatt and the colorful coastal houses in the Cinque Terre. Feel the same and learn the experience through this trip offline.

Provence, France lavender paradise

Provence is a land of peace, so poetry is located in southern France with Lavender flower fields – purple lavender magnolia. It is considered to be the capital of lavender – the symbol of what is quintessentially, natural and pure in France. Do not know if it is because I am romantic or not so crazy island of flowers, but if so, there are also many people (romantic) like me.

Should go Provence time anyway

The best time to visit here is from late June to mid-July when lavender flowers bloom.

How to go to Provence, buy tour or go yourself

From Paris, I take a train (sleeping) night to Marseille price 58 Euro buy online at, buy as soon as possible, if purchased close to the date the price can go up more than 100 euros. You can also choose to save by going to the night bus – if you buy before 1 month the price can be very cheap at only 10 Euro (my friend bought 10.45 E of Megabus). I went to 21h22 (to Marseille at 5.58 am), have a bloody experience is to find out the location of the train and calculate the time from where you are there to catch up and remember the time. Points take even longer – ask locals first how long it takes you to get there, do not imagine it like me (near the subway and look at the map I see the train station very close I was almost late for the train, which was an hour ago from where I was, so I chose to call Uber for the subway.

I was at the home of a Korean family living in Paris, and the owner told Uncle French Driver that I was about to be late for the train. Uncle driver in professional style, nodded his head to understand and give a gentle smile to relieve the peace of mind. I sat in a cool car and did not say anything in my heart and knew I might be late for the train.

As the car was flying at the speed of Formula One racing, I passed by countless red lights on a sunny, golden summer sunshine through the green leafy cliffs of Paris. Finally, I saw the train station six minutes before the train. Uncle driver looks like a Japanese, speaks French to his owner and laughs to me “Goodbye, good luck” when I get off.

My ship is Inter City, clean and quiet, this is my first time to sail in Europe so I do not know Marseille, how do I know that down so I asked some roommates. They told me not to worry, there will be notification speakers. Then early in the morning to Marseille, despite the alarm, but perhaps the sleeping pills containing sleeping pills caused me to sleep and not hear the loudspeaker announcement, two friends in the room called me up and asked me to hurry up Otherwise the train will continue to run. They were so kind, they took my suitcases to the door so I could run down and say goodbye and have a nice trip. I began to feel sympathy for the friendliness of the people of Europe from here (and many interesting stories I received help from them on this journey).

I chose Marseille as a stopover after Paris. From Marseille I bought a tour of Shin Hye – a Korean student in France for 50 euros (4 seat car 200E, now (2017) 300E price / 4 seat car) to the lavender field Derived from Marseille (Marseille about 100km from Valensole, Provence, about 60 minutes drive). Tour is from 8am to 14h or from 14h to 20h (summer in Paris usually 21h the sun goes down). I have consulted many different types of tours, and found this tour is reasonably priced compared to my purpose of watching lavender. This tour includes lavender fields, sunflowers, wheat fields, visit the perfume factory of the famous Occitane en Provence – one of the symbols and pride of Provence, visit the village of Valensole .

I choose to tour because of Valensole, Provence in particular or southern France in general is a vast area immense, and this is the first time I go to Europe, if I travel by bus, then rent a bicycle Electric bike to watch the lavender will be tired (I need to stay healthy for the long way ahead) and the price is not much difference. In addition, this tour is the advantage that you will be led to the most beautiful fields without having to fiddle between a vast area. He drove a Korean, intellectuals lived in France for about a decade so he knows and will give you advice or interesting information about the destination. Personally I like this tour because I find the time to be reasonable, to go without restraint, enjoy a little bit longer or stop by where you can tell him to drive, he will also be flexible for you.

I stayed at a Korean sister’s house in Marseille for 2 nights, near the subway station (5 minutes walk), for 15E per night, she also cooked Korean rice for me to eat for 10E / meal and very tasty. I find that acceptable, this is my happiest meal in Europe because I like to eat Korean food than to eat the West.

Lavender Paradise France
Lavender Paradise France
Lavender Paradise France
Lavender Paradise France

Take pictures with Lavender time is beautiful

From dawn to ten in the morning and from 18h30 to after sunset, shooting early in the morning will be purple in the late afternoon, if taken in the evening, should be shot back. If the sun is in the sun, the light of the sun can make the flowers look slightly lavender, the beautiful lavender flowers at sunset. Want to get a panoramic picture of the immense flower field with long beds straight to the endless horizon, you should stand in the high position taken down.

Where to buy souvenirs for cheap

If you are going to buy souvenirs such as lavender bags, lavender oil, lavender soap and lavender related items, it is cheaper to buy in Valensole in the souvenir shops located next to the wings. Lavender planting. Valensole village is near the end of this tour so you do not buy in the souvenir shop before offline.

Cinque Terre – Another paradise of Italy

Italy has so much to say about Rome, Venice or Milan … but here I would like to mention the Cinque Terre – about the beautiful nature of Italy, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

Cinque Terre is to the west of the city of La Spezia, in the Ligurian region of northwestern Italy. Cinque Terre is a name given by locals since the 15th century, translated in Italian, meaning “five lands”, because it consists of 5 coastal fishing villages covered with colorful colors and eye-catching paths. Beautiful architecture and impressive terrains lie hilly on the hills, rapids close to the Mediterranean coast: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Way to Cinque Terre

No direct flight to Cinque Terre, you can go by car or train. I chose to take the train for convenience and much faster. From Marseille (France), I bought a train ticket to La Spezia (Italy) for a total of 57.9 Euro on Buy as soon as possible the cheaper and vice versa.

Resting place

If you search on Google then you will find the hotel in Cinque Terre quite expensive, I do not spend much on the hotel category on this trip because to me this is not a vacation, it is a trip to explore . But I also have the flexibility, as in Santorini I also have a nice hotel stay to enjoy the feeling of paradise in the beautiful white houses on the cliffs it (as the advice of a player).

I stayed at the Ostello Tramonti for 53 Euros for 2 nights and was not disappointed when I placed my trust in the rating on (7.7 / 10) because this place is clean, safe, Free daily shuttle to 5 beautiful villages (about 3km – 15 minutes drive from Cinque Terre).

You can go from La Spezia station to Ostello Tramonti by catching bus number 19 for 2.5 Euro, when you board the car, tell Uncle driver that “I want to go to Ostello Tramonti” and do not forget to smile You will be very tired, the doctor will return you with a warm welcome and remind you when you arrive, take a bus about 15 minutes to Ostello Tramonti and a convenient bus stop at the door of Ostello Tramonti.

Traveling in Cinque Terre

You should buy a ticket for 12 E, this ticket is available in 5 villages, this kind of ticket is very nice, beautiful section can walk photographed check in, the tired can get on board. The ticketing time is from 10am at the souvenir counter near you to drop off the shuttle (ask, people or tourists will show you the place to sell).

My advice

You can spend two days in Cinque Terre, the first day of a five-village cruise by purchasing a one-day ticket, dividing the time into five villages. On the second day when you are tired, can buy an individual ticket to the village you like, walking slowly leisurely sightseeing, enjoying the beautiful Italian nature or snapping according to your preference or trekking along the route Coastal and grapevine, kayaking, scuba diving, or helicopter sightseeing. If you do not have much time for Cinque Terre then go to the village of Vernazza, according to many visitors, this is the most beautiful village and then the village of Manarola. Do not forget to eat pizza at Monterosso Station, nice bar next to the sea view is nice, eat pizza here is very good but reasonably priced, about 5E for half pizza.

Hallstatt – Austria’s aquatic painting

Hallstatt is a town in the north of Austria, with a back seat facing the mountains and a direct view of the lake, surrounded by the majestic Alps, has made a name for itself as a town. The most beautiful lake in the world, the legendary village, the legendary village … but somehow I was not attracted to this place so much, not affected by the rumors for Hallstatt until I got to my eyes see it.

I began to feel the serenity of life as the waterway diverged between the four-sided mountain, and then gradually flickered images of quiet homes nestled in the clear waters of the Swans surfing. Under the cold, it will be like the weather in Seoul early autumn morning, all of which make this place a beautiful watercolor picture. I find one of the most beautiful places in Hallstatt is right on the ferry across the lake.

The hotel sleeps

I did not spend the night in Hallstatt because of the high price, I rented a room in Salzburg – Austria’s fourth largest city and the home of the Mozart composer. I book a room through at the A & O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (point 7.6 / 10) for 62E / 2 nights, this place is clean, safe, quiet and especially very close to the central station (only about 3 minutes away) butter). I spend one day in Salzburg and one day in Hallstatt, and one day goes to a beautiful lake in Salzburg.

How to get to Hallstatt

Going to Hallstatt for a little bit, Hallstatt is about 75 km from Salzburg, I catch bus 150 from Salzburg to Bad Ischl, buy a ticket for about 10.6E, go for 1.5 hours, this car runs from Around 6am on weekdays and 6h45 on weekends, the latest trip back to Salzburg is 19h25, see bus run time 150 here. You should go early morning and then come back in the day because I see hallstatt for a day is enough (Hallstatt area is quite small, if you are a fast walker it only takes 50 minutes, you walk all the way Hallstatt).

Before I left I saw you talking from Salzburg to Bad Ischl, Austria’s most beautiful street, and to be honest I saw it … beautiful! (With beautifully beautiful houses, countless flowering blossoms, neatly trimmed fronts, green lawns on the front, far away from the glittering lake), But I have not been out of Austria so it is not clear whether it is the best or not!

To Bad Ischl I bought a train ticket to Hallstatt Bahnhof, the station next to the bus station, fare about 4.2E, go 20 minutes to arrive. Down to the station will see the lake right in front and I take the ferry Stephanie to the village Hallstatt, fare is 5E / pass. So the total cost of going to Hallstatt from Salzburg is about 40E.

Enjoy Hallstatt like

I think the best way to enjoy this gorgeous town is to take a stroll on the small streets around the village and try your best to leave your worries on the ferry to get you here and wander around the pond. Surrounded by majestic Alps, immersed in the fresh air, you will feel the absolute peace of life. Or you can watch the majestic clouds of volcanic mountains by taking a boat ride around the lake. I read somewhere that going to Hallstatt can not fail to take the cabin to the top of the mountain, which is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage View, so I also try, the return ticket is 16 E. Do not come here, because personally I see this view is normal, so if you want to save costs should consider.

Hallstatt is famous for salt mining in the high mountains so it would be interesting to spend some time visiting the salt cave. But salt cave is only open from May to late October each year, closing the remaining months should consider the time to fit.

Jungfrau – A European hook, the pride of the Swiss

Jungfrau is a mountain in southern Switzerland, in the Alps, at an altitude of 4,158 m, this mountain is known as the “roof of Europe”. This place is full of snow, and especially the Jungfrau has a railroad track running from the foot of the mountain up to an altitude of 3,454 m – there is Jungfraujoch station – Top of Europe – the highest railway station in Europe. There are two ways to get to the top of the Jungfrau, either by walking or by boat.

The construction of the rail link to the top of the Jungfrau is a feat that, for more than 100 years, the Swiss railways have always been proud of. The Jungfrau Railroad was built for 16 years, completed in 1912. This legendary route serves 5,000 visitors each day, earning more than $ 1 million in transportation costs. Swiss money.

This place is not only beautiful, breathtaking scenery, pristine tranquility, gentle but also an ideal summer skiing destination. The higher the scene, the more beautiful the landscape, the more majestic, the snow covered patches covered four mountains, the herd of grazers grazed in green pasture, far away are the beautiful small wooden houses On the hillside, two white snow mountains and the blue of the flowering grass – all resonance makes the road to the top of the fairy-like fairy-tale mountain.

Way to Jungfrau from Zurich

Switzerland is famous for being one of the most expensive places in the world, and my travel cost in Switzerland is about CHF 288. Switzerland is expensive, so if travel is not planned in advance and well calculated, it costs even more. Traveling by train in Europe is the way most Europeans move, I like to take a train in Europe because it is clean, reliable and the magic is that you can be surrounded by scenery along the journey. The train runs through, immerses in European life, integrates with friendly locals and becomes a true explorer on your own when you watch the beautiful European landscape around.

After finding out, I bought a Swiss Half Fare Card for CHF 120. When I got this ticket, I was allowed to buy Swiss media for half price within 1 month from date of purchase. Includes tickets to JungFrau. Instead of buying a ticket to JungFrau for about 180 CHF, I only have to buy it at half price.

Actually, there is also a divine ticket, Tageskarte Ticket, but I did not buy it because it was hard to buy. This is a day ticket for Swiss citizens, the regular fare is CHF 48, which allows you to go on all Swiss trains and get a 50% discount. From Zurich (Switzerland), I take the train to Lucernce and here one day (fare 12.5 CHF). Then from Lucerne I bought tickets to Interlaken (16 CHF), Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen (3.8 CHF), Lauterbrunnen-Wengen (3.4 CHF). I spend the night in Wengen, then buy Wengen-Jungfrau (85 CHF). I have a timetable of the train going to the top of the Jungfrau from different locations, you can refer if there is no schedule like me.

What to play in the Jungfrau

The station is large and has nine sightseeing areas, with signposts to a specific tour, follow the sign tour guide will visit the nine areas here. Highlights include exploring ice castles, tunnels recreating the labor of railroad construction workers and sculpture, outdoor amusement and skiing. Here is the Sphinx Observatory- one of the highest observatories in the world, where you can see the three summits of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau glistening on the snow, overlooking the glittering Aletsch Glacier and The black forest in Germany (Black Forest) in the far. I like the most is the score 9 because there I can go out to touch the snow, play with snow and near the mountain top.

I was overwhelmed when I first saw the snow, there was snow everywhere, the snow was snow, the white patches of snow reflected in the sun like beautiful sparkling diamonds, Fluttering over my shoulder, wading through my hair is so cool … cool. At this time, I met a Vietnamese family, so the feeling here that he met his compatriot speaking the language as he was happy to do.

If you love thrills, you can take part in adventure games such as terrain bikes, cable cars, snowboarding on glittering glistening streets or challenging yourself with sports. Zipline adventure. In addition to visiting and exploring, the Jungfrau also regularly features special sporting events such as skiing on the Aletsch glacier, trekking on the top of the mountain, scooter riding on the Grindelwald valley …

And finally, if voted for the most beautiful place on this journey, I would like to give Wengen a heart – which I thought was the only stop over to JungFrau. The village of Wengen is located in the Alps, is a beautiful old village and no car-free. In the end, I also got a cover image as I like on this trip ^ – ^! And just do not think that the beautiful picture coming out from the fairy is in Wengen. I spent the afternoon wandering here to enjoy the fresh air, inhaling the fullness of the chest, the smell of snow, the smell of snow mountains and listen to church bell humped, the birds chirping between the canopy. Green trees. The picture I see is the yellow flowers on the green grass, the mountains are far from the snowflake white, clear to amazing. I like this experience and think it is worth the trip because this is the quickest way to experience it as well as have an overview of the Swiss countryside.

I stayed at the Bernerhof hotel for 90 CHF / night for two people, I think this is a cheap hotel in Wengen, I am also quite satisfied with the friendly staff, walk out the door to see the snow mountain, This is a beautiful mountain view and near the train station (5 minutes walk).

If you intend to go to the top of Jungfrau, buy tickets as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to change your schedule because the tickets may run out at any time, actually I intend to top Jungfrau in the afternoon It took about 14 hours for me to go to Wengen Station to buy tickets, and they said the tickets were sold out that day (one day they only sold 5,000 tickets), so I spent the afternoon exploring Wengen. Then I bought a ticket to JungFrau the next morning.