Experience for a 3-day trip in Rome

Many people ask me how to schedule a trip to Rome within 3 days, even someone who plans to go to Rome in just 2 days, one day. What, Rome is a special city, diverse in terms of cultural identity, art history and religion. To me, Rome has never been enough, because of its historic history that has created an ancient Rome and many sights, all of which are listed as must-sees. It is not too late to go to Rome, it may take you a whole week to get to know the culture and history of the city.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to stay in Rome for so long, there is a way to experience Rome in just a few days and find out what to see in the capital of Italy, and have yourself. Feel it in everyone’s way.

2 days in Rome:

  • Part 1: The tiny and mysterious Vatican in Rome
  • Part 2: Rome, Colosseum and Roman civilization

When should you come to Rome?

Just like some Mediterranean countries like Spain or Greece, the good time to get to Rome (Italy) is around March to October. This time it is ideal for you to arrange a trip. The journey here, it is beautiful in most of the time, no rain or no rain in winter.

If you do not want to fall into the hands of a high-altitude camera taking a picture of the Trevi, while the legs, eyes do not see objects because of overcrowding, it is best to avoid going in June to August. is a peak tourist time in Rome. Also in August, people here usually take a holiday for a few weeks so not many shops are open, you need to pay attention to avoid this occasion.

Panoramic view of the Rome ruins

Travel experience in Rome

Travel to Rome from European countries

  • Traveling from European cities: Where to travel from other European cities through Rome, there are a number of options, by plane, bus or train. By plane, you can choose some good quality cheap airline like Ryan Air, Trans Avia or Easy Jet. If you go by bus you find of Eurolines, Flixbus, also by train you go to Eurail.
  • Travel within Italy: The most convenient way is to take the national train of Italy Trenitalia, very good price and convenient because the last stop is Roma Termini central station in the city center, from here can go. The commuter trains in the city are very convenient.

Traveling in the city

Traveling from the airport to the city center

Rome has two airports: Fiumicino (also known as Leonardo da Vinci Roma) and Ciampino. From the airport you can take the train, shuttle bus or taxi into the city.

  • Fiumicino: If you come to Rome from abroad, chances are you will land at the airport because it is the main airport in Rome. If you go by train, you come down to Terminal 3 with two main lines: Leonardo Express (which runs straight to Roma Termini Station – 14 €) and Sabina-Fiumicino FR1 (to the other stations – 8 €), you can buy Tickets are available at the vending machines or ticket counters. If the shuttle bus is cheaper than 4-8 € / pm and there are many companies to choose, usually to the central station.
  • Ciampino: If you take tram you have to catch a short COTRAL / SCHIAFFINI bus to the station lost 1 €, then take train to Roma Termini station for 1.5 €, the cheapest in the case. If using a shuttle bus is a bit more expensive with a fare of 5 € / time.

To go from the airport to the airport, you just take the shuttle bus from the central station for fast, the last day of the day is usually from 9 h 30 to 10 pm. There is usually a bus stop in the front of the station, but in the evening they usually do not sell. So anyone can go out directly to the parking spot on the right side of the Termini station in the direction of going to and from the station, buy tickets with the driver always. Those who have flight early the next day as I will probably have to take the bus to the airport from the night before sleeping at the airport to the next morning flight.

Traveling in the city

Rome is not too big and sightseeing sites usually have subway stations there, so the main means of transportation in Rome is by metro. The fare for a subway ride is € 1.5 and if you specify multiple passes you can buy a day ticket (tickets are 1,2,3 days priced at € 7, € 12.5, € 18, or 7 tickets respectively. day price is 24 €). If you only stayed in Rome for about 3 days then I think you do not need to buy a day ticket because Rome is mostly walking because the attractions are quite close to each other. After coming to a sightseeing spot like the Vatican or the Colosseum, you get off the station and walking is the right one.

Note that when traveling by train or in public areas you must be extremely wary of theft and fraudulent theft everywhere. I used to have a robbery in front of the Colosseum, but I do not forget, an event that happened after I had to spend the rest of my life and then get old.

Another means is that you can rent a Vespa around the old city of Rome, looking stylish, but I find that this vehicle is suitable for those who want to hire or really like the Italian Vespa. Expensive rent, but walking and traveling by train is more convenient. Rent for a motorbike is around 50 euros / day, renting a bike is 7-8 euros / day.

Experience the blood and bum when traveling in Rome, especially using the bus is that you absolutely must buy tickets before boarding. You can buy tickets at the auto-counters, ticket counters at the train stations, the main bus station, absolutely should not step into the car and then ask for tickets from the bus driver. They are ready to close your door and you will not be able to get off the bus immediately, then to the next station ready to have the police hold the ticket issued to you, the fine can be up to a hundred euros . However, it is only a bus in the city, and the bus to the airport you can buy tickets from the driver is also.

Where to sleep when coming to Rome

As mentioned above Rome is not too wide, and travels mainly by metro and walking, so for the most convenience you should find a room near Roma Termini central station, just near the fast commute center. It is easy to shop or eat. Right in the station is a very large commercial center with lots of goods for you to shop and spend time while waiting for the train.

Room rates in Rome are generally quite expensive, with € 25-30 or more for a bed in a hostel, private rooms are also more expensive. You can check out the Discovery Hostel 247 hostel I once hired in Rome, a good location just 10 minutes’ walk from Termini Station. Accommodation is like an old 18th century building, clean and unique, if you are a fan of exploring, do not miss this hostel.

Also you can refer to some other hotels through Booking, Hostelworld or Airbnb:

  • For those who like shopping, consider the Hotel Panda, located right in the most shopping and shopping street of Rome, near Piazza del Popolo.
  • Nightlife: You can choose the Hotel Santa Maria in Trastevere, the neighborhood of many night bars in the small alleys of the Tiber River.
  • 5-star hotel area: Via Veneto area with high-class hotel accommodation for the money, you can refer to the Hotel Splendide Royal with city-wide views.

Eat in Rome

The cost of dining in Rome is also very varied, very expensive and very cheap. Usually a meal in a restaurant in Rome costs about 25 euros per person, but if you eat fast food, snacks are only 3-5 euros / unit but also quite full. The cost of one day’s savings in Rome is around 10 Euros a day. Some indigenous dishes such as:

Have breakfast with Cornetto pastries and sip a cappuccino like the original Roman, with Tiramisu in chocolate, very tasty. A highly rated eatery in Rome is E. Volpetti, which sells a wide variety of Cheese, Meat, Bread and Pizza.

Gelato Ice Cream

Gelato Pizza and Italian Ice Cream: Of course the two most famous and most characteristic of Italy here. Pizza is too many and you can find anywhere on the streets of Rome, crispy pizzas and greasy butter spreads are hard to resist. A super-tasty pizzeria, Berzitello, is an affordable, high-quality pizzeria.

Gelato cream is not to say, sure enough, many are placed in the snails of all sizes and cost, choose to remember to make at least 2 creams, or budget eat ice cream 10e / day. The best ice cream I’ve ever had was at the shop in front of St. Peter’s Square

Some experience distinguishing true gelato gelato and gelato fake for everyone:

  • Color: Banana cream Gelato is ivory white, not yellow. Gelato fake ice cream is usually very colorful.
  • Ingredients: Gelato should only be purchased at the store where they are presented with the ingredients of the cream to be mixed, visible to each type and put into the cup or cinnamon.
  • Shape: Gelato creams are always quite comparable, less rapid watery.

3-day schedule sightseeing spots in Rome

Playing in Rome has two big places, the Vatican and the Colosseum (the same ancient Roman ruins) that you may spend all day exploring. So with 3 little days in Rome, I think you should split the first 2 days to visit these two places, the third day will be spent to visit the rest. Information on the cost of sights in Rome:

  • Pantheon Temple: Free
  • Vatican – Saint Peter’s Basilica: Free (climb to the top of the tower is € 5 for the stairs, € 7 for the elevator).
  • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel: € 16
  • Colosseum & Roman Forum (including Palatine Hill): € 12
  • Basilica of St. John Lateran: Free
  • Capitoline Museum: € 15
  • Galleria Borghese Museum: € 11
  • San’t Angelo Castle: € 15.5
    On the second day of the week, many museums in Rome will close, so you need to pay attention to avoid getting in and out again. At the same time, the Vatican is more crowded than it is today, because visitors instead of going to the museum will rush to the Vatican.

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Day 1: The Vatican


The Vatican is an independent state whose territory, system of law, government and economy lie in the heart of Rome. Before coming here, you should know a bit about the Vatican, the pope, and the movements and religions of this particular country. The sightseeing area in the Vatican is divided into three main areas: the free area of ​​San Pietro Square and the Great Hall, two lost entrances, including the Vatican Museums, the Sixtine Chapel and the Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The Vatican is open from Monday to Saturday and the last Sunday of the month (free Vatican Museum visit today), if you arrive in the morning, arrive a little early to avoid long queues or Tickets should be purchased online here. In the lobby area free of charge, but if you want to visit the museum area or to the top to visit the tower will have to buy tickets, to avoid queue waiting to buy tickets for a long time you can buy tickets online, should also pay attention to Anyone who has bought a Roma Pass can not use it in the Vatican because it is a private state, unrelated to Rome and Italy.

At the Vatican you can come early, lined up in the main hall to visit. Then climb to the top of Saint Peter’s Basilica to see the entire Vatican City from above. Then go down and buy tickets to some museums in the Holy See, visiting the cathedral with works of art from the Renaissance. If you are lucky enough to be on the fourth day of the week, you will see the Pope preach in front of the cathedral.

Then you can step out and walk around the streets of the Vatican, enjoy Italian food, sip your coffee and choose a delicious gelato, soothing and soothing.

Saint Peter Square viewed from the top of the tower



San’t Angelo Castle

In the afternoon, if you have time, you can visit the nearby San’t Angelo Castle, which is next to the Tiber River. This is a castle built by architect Antonius Pius in 123AD, originally to be the resting place of Roman Emperor Hadrian and his clan, but later used as a fortress, a military post the defense of Roma. In the eleventh century, San’t Angelo was used as a national prison, and now it has become a tourist attraction.

Right in front of the castle’s door is the Ponte San’t Angelo bridge over the Tiber River, simply standing here looking out to see the Vatican far away, or buy some food here to relax, is also That’s enough for a good day.

Day 2: Colosseum and Ancient Roman Relics

The Colosseum’s ancient Colosseum is located in a large collection of monuments in this area, including numerous monuments, monuments and buildings dating back to ancient Rome. When you come here, if you will feel this area is a miniature city with the state, economy and cultural characteristics that the ancient Romans built. You should buy tickets first through this website to avoid long queues when entering the Colosseum (if you get up early and arrive before 7pm, you do not need to buy tickets in advance). Ticket price is 12EUR for direct purchase and 2EUR for online booking via web, no queue.

Colosseum tickets are available within 2 days of first use, and you will be in the arena, as well as other buildings and monuments around the area such as the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Domus Aurea. Trajan Column, Trajan’s Market, Catacombs, Massimo Stadium, Terme di Caracalla Public Baths, Angel’s Castle, Augustus’s Tomb, Pacis Ara, Costantino Arc de Triomphe, Cestius Pyramid and Bocca della Verità … After spending a morning strolling around the Colosseum, you walk out, walk to the back of the arena and you will see a road leading to the Palatine Hill complex, which will have a control door here but quiet. Mind is the Colosseum tickets already include this area. Just go and hang out again!

  • Palatine Hill: Originally of Rome, there are now only ruins with many relics there. The hill is not too high on the ground and you can climb without too much effort, from which you can see the entire ancient Roman ruins.
  • Colosseum: Too famous, the ancient Roman arena, where medieval martial arts matches took place, was also used for subsequent festivals.
  • Roman Forum: The square area holds important meetings of medieval Romans.

So many relics that if you did not research before, map each place on the map as well as learn about the history and culture, you will be lost among the same relics, information and knowledge. I came here and spent the whole day with a little research, and after a little bit of feeling, I wanted to know and understand Rome. travel in this city.

Palatine Hill

You can arrange a morning schedule to visit the Colosseum, lunch and afternoon visits to the ancient Roman sites. Then step out of this area stroll along the river Tiber is also quite interesting, watching many ancient bridge over.

Like other European cities, Rome also has its own bloodstream, which is flimsy if you do not try to stroll around the river Tiber, watching the flow, the daily life of the people of Rome, slow spread under the tree …

Can not miss the island of Tiber Island (Isola Tiberina) with cool fresh ecology, lots of greenery. Although the island is only 300 meters long, many buildings are also built. From the Tiber River back to the arena you will find a very ordinary sandy beach, unbelievably the Circus Maximus – the largest racecourse in the Middle Ages.

Tiber River

Day 3: Other attractions

This is one day you can spend the rest of the city, and these are all Must-sees. Points like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps are all quite close to each other and close to the Vatican Cathedral, so you can combine them together, and to save time, go the day you go to the Vatican.

Trevi Fountain: The most famous fountain in the world and always crowded with visitors and photographers. Do not forget to give two coins here, one for love, and one for your second wish to return to Rome.

Pantheon Temple: A well-preserved temple dating back thousands of years, built to honor pagans. Very beautiful marble pavilion with magnificent dome, looking at it almost as intact as 2000 years ago.

Spanish Steps: A place suitable for couples by romance here. Spanish steps on the Piazza di Spagna square were built in the 1720s, surrounded by numerous shops, cafes and a popular sightseeing site for visitors to Rome.

Spanish Steps

Venetian Square: If you visit the Roman arena, it is also possible to stroll through Venezia Square with the Vittorio Emanuele II National Monument on your left as you enter the square. This is a place of honor for those who contributed to the reunification of Italy in the 19th century.

Venetian Square

Other monuments and museums: For those who are interested in history and visit the museum, you can visit the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the Capitoline Museum, the Galleria Borghese, are all magnificent buildings who are all amazed to come here.

Traveling around Rome and shopping: For those of you shopping you can not miss the Via del Corso with the end of Piazza del Popolo, with many of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Where did I encounter a super sale of a certain brand? Walking on this street you can also enjoy the street art activities, painting by painting is very unique.

If you have more time you can visit Gianicolo Hill, the second tallest hill in Rome, many ancient museums and churches in the city. Walking around the streets and visiting indigenous markets such as the Testaccio Food Market, food and fruit here is fresh and cheaper than in other parts of the city.

With 3 days in Rome it has never been enough to explore, visit and “absorb” the culture of the locals. It is difficult to visit all the attractions, crowded markets or monuments, not to mention history and culture.

But not everyone will be able to stay longer, save for the flaws of meeting again in Rome, as each of you wishes to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, so go!

P/s: If you have ever been to Rome, fell in love with this beautiful and ancient city, you can share your experience and personal experiences under the comments will be useful for all.