Jeju island Experiences – Korea with a schedule of 3 days 2 nights

Jeju island Experiences – Korea with a schedule of 3 days 2 nights

Traveling to Korea without crossing Jeju Island is a huge mistake. Jeju with Seoul are two of Korea’s most popular tourist destinations, while Seoul only has streets and shopping, Jeju is more peaceful, with mountains, sea and a lot of romance.

Go to Jeju

We flew to Jeju on a journey around Korea 10 days and 9 nights, in which the amount of time for Jeju is 3 days 2 nights and still regret it because it is not yet.

With a large island like Jeju, three days on the island is not enough, but enough to sense a certain part of life, culture on the island, and experience most of the sights if there is a calendar.

Coming to of Jeju will usually have to transit at Incheon Airport – Seoul, fare is very cheap if you book early. There are three main airlines flying Seoul – Jeju, Jeju Air, Eastar Jet and T’Way Air, Busan Air or Jin Air, but not many.

If you book early for just <50USD / round trip only, I also booked not the cheapest because I want to choose the right flight time is only 104k KRW ~ 100USD round for two, flight of Jeju Air. The cheap Korean quality is very high, deposit free 15kg per person per turn offline.

Experiences with Jeju Island
Experiences with Jeju Island

How to get around Jeju?

There are two ways to get around the island, either by public transport or renting a car.
Public transport on the island is only a bus, but bus hours are pretty bad and fewer trips during the day. Therefore, for those who have a lot of time on the island, they may be slow to use this medium, but with a three day schedule, it is difficult to get enough attractions with the bus, especially one.
Points like the sunrise in Songsan you have to go very early, then the bus is impossible.The second option is for outsourced vehicles, such as taxis, to rent a motorbike for the day.
These vehicles are generally expensive but have to be cheap. So I choose the best option is to rent a car. At first, it seems that car rental will be expensive, why not rent a motorbike.
But I have researched quite well, Jeju Island is very wide, the weather is very cold with temperatures always below 10 degrees Celsius, riding motor is not possible. I have found a way to rent cars for only 20USD / day but quality is very good, go safe, you see how to rent here.

Experiences with Jeju Island

Where should you go when traveling Jeju?

There are two main places to consider when staying in Jeju:

  • Jeju Intercity area: This is the city center close to the airport, and also close to the bus station, so it is convenient for those who want to use the bus as the main means of transport on the island. At the same time from here to the airport is also quite convenient. You can refer to the good-value hotels such as Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel beautiful sea view, or Check Inn Jeju Hotel better price and also view to the sea.
  • Seogwipo-si Area: Located in the southern part of the island and often frequented by expensive attractions and attractions. If you choose here you should rent cars because the time from Seogwipo-si to the airport takes about 1 hour. Good-value hotels in the area can be described as Ocean Palace Hotel or Strawberry Field is designed in European style.

The hotel I stayed in was the Yeon Hotel located in Seogwipo-si, very nice room with balcony overlooking the sea and 연교 연교 SAEYEON bridge.

This hotel has ample car parking space so you can rent cars on the island can be assured, equipment and furniture in the room is high and full. Room price is 110 $ / 2 nights in Jeju.

 You can book your room at Yeon via Booking.com or AirBnb, remember to create an Airbnb account at this link to receive 35 USD for booking.
Experiences with Jeju Island

Experiences with Jeju Island

Experiences with Jeju Island

Food needs to be discovered on the island:

The most famous dish on Jeju Island is the Black Pork, which you can see anywhere from luxury restaurants to street markets. This dish will be served in a barbeque-like manner in Seoul, if you are in the market, they will grill the seasoning, while the restaurant will eat the package and other side dishes. Good food is Black Pork Street in Jeju City.
Also on the island are many other foods that you should explore such as:
  • Spicy Hairtail Stew: A kind of eel and longtail fish (hairtail), just like an eel, normally the fish will not be fresh without the best preservation techniques, but on Jeju Island you will enjoy fish dishes. Almost freshest. Good food: Manna Siktang – 43 Dongnyuam-ro, Seongsan-eup (316-1 Goseong-ri), Jeju (at the top of Seongsan).
  • Fresh seafood: In Jeju you can catch quite a lot of Haenyeos, which are women who fish seafood without diving equipment, they usually dive in the depth of 20m under the sea, catching seafood Fresh produce. Because of its well-preserved Jeju Island as well as its favorable habitat, the seafood here is fresh and diverse.
  • Osullok Green Tea Desserts: This is the iconic tea brand of a green Jeju, they also have Osullok tea museum, a lot of good tea products like green tea drink, green tea cream.
  • The famous cafe: Bomnal is located in the northwest of the island, located in the center of a lot of pretty cafe (see more:Come to Jeju remember to check in virtual living in the beautiful cafe Bomnal)

Tourist spots on Jeju Island – Jeju island Experiences

See the sunrise at Seongsan Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak):

It is the westernmost tip of the island. Even in Jeju City or Seogwipo, you have to drive only 1-1.5 hours to get here, so if you intend to pick up on the island, remember to get up early. Walking up the trail – stairs to the top is also quite hard.
Right at the foot of the mountain there are quite many shops, eateries but it seems quite expensive.
Tickets: 2000KRW

Jungmun Lava Columns

These are remnants of lava from the old days because Jeju itself was formed by volcanic eruptions. This is also known as the Jusangjeollidae cliffs.

Mount Hallasan

If anyone has time to visit the most prominent Hallasan volcano on the island, because it is so wide and it takes all day to climb here. It is also the tallest mountain in Korea, with the whole mountain area as a huge national park with many beautiful sights.

Watch the sunset at the peak of Songaksan

This point is located in the southwest corner of the island, the island is quite wide so traveling between the points must also tens of kilometers. In my opinion, Songaksan is a bit more beautiful than Seongsan, you can go around the hill here along the cliff overlooking the sea, 2.5-3km.

Love Land Park

This is an adult park because it is a collection of statues with love content for its name, and sensitive postures that if you have kids, I do not think I should come here either.
In my opinion, this park is not very nice, the entrance fee is expensive (9000 KRW per person). Right near Love Land you can take the Mysterious Road.
JEJU, SOUTH KOREA – OCTOBER 24: A statue is seen at the theme park ‘Love Land’ on October 24, 2009 in Jeju, South Korea. Love Land is an outdoor sex-themed sculpture park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island. The park runs sex education films and features 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions. It also has other elements such as large phallus statues, stone labia, and hands-on exhibits such as a “masturbation-cycle.”.

Hello Kitty Museum:

This lovely museum is located in the center of the island, far to the south near Seogwipo, where there are many super cute Hello Kitty cats. Just outside the door you see giant Hello Kitty pictures and pictures that look like pose to the picture, especially with women.

Manjanggul Lava Tube:

Formed by volcanic eruptions and recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritages. The entrance fee is 2000 KRW, where you will go into the deep tunnel, the lava tunnel running through the vein through a large part of Jeju, but they are only open for a 1km excursion.

Attractions near Seogwipo

If anyone in the Seogwipo area can visit some nearby attractions such as the Jeongbang Falls (2,000KRW) waterfall, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, these are waterfalls not so large but beautiful. Getting to the falls often requires you to park your car and walk through the trail not too far. In the evening, you can wander around the Seogwipo Olle Market for street food and fresh fruit.

Beaches north of the island

In my opinion, Jeju is not an island with beautiful beaches. The highlight of the island is the cliffs formed by volcanic eruptions. However, north of the island there are a number of beaches if you want to come here, such as Hyeopjae Beach, which is quite small but has activities such as windsurfing, single sailboats because the waves here are very strong. This beach is quite close to Hallim Park.
There is also a very nice beach where you can come, walk on colorful pebble beaches and hear the peaceful sea breeze, Naedo Aljakji (Olle walking paths # 17), then beach Yongduam Rock, especially Bomnal cafe, is located on the northwest coast of the island.