Hello Europe, welcome to Paris

Hello Europe, welcome to Paris

First destination of the journey:

Time for Doha – Paris is nearly 6 hours, estimated time to land in Paris is 7h30 ‘local time. It is strange, suspense, because the dream was never thought that one day I will be set foot on the magnificent Paris land. Then, eagerly, every step of the way through the airport door was a feeling that increased again. At 8:15 am, late than expected 45 ‘, outdoor temperature is quite low, it seems Paris also experienced a heavy rain all night.

Things are quite good, a bit worried when the customs staff check rather fine visa. A pretty skinned woman asked me what to do in Paris, round-trip tickets, hotel booking, but due to the preparation of the visa and travel planning is quite adequate so finally let go. The road from the customs gate to the airport gate is separated by a long conveyor belt. I sat on the bench for a while and looked at the airport labeled France how it was, then on the toilet brush the face wash, find a way out RER B to catch the train into the city. The road finding also took quite a long time because no one here speak English, the more thought of sharing my friend’s friend before, the French like the robot, so few help me enthusiastically. In addition, their morale is high because they have their own language as popular as English. Once upon a time, I also found a way to the metro station in the city center by taking the tram to and from the station at the airport, but at the station, when I bought the ticket, Credit, I had to queue up to buy tickets at the counter. 10 Euro, and arrive at 11 noon to get to the train.

Probably also familiar with Sing’s train so I also easily find the station Saint de Nortre Dame, the train straight line without a line, although it must be recognized that the Paris Metro system is one of the systems. The world’s most complicated tram system, interlaced and intertwined. Ga Nortre Dame is an ancient cavern, everything like 1950s movies, old and dark. Finding the way to the ground, Mr. Hiep has been waiting here, thank God, everything is fine. Seeing Mr. Hiep relieved, glad to catch the gold. Imagine how one stepping foot on Paris would be the first? Alone, unfamiliar, and as isolated among racist, cultured people. Paris consists of 20 counties numbered from 1 to 20, mostly explored in the central district.

Map of districts in Paris

Even Nortre Dame is the church of Our Lady, look on the surface is not too much impression, no more prominent than the Hanoi cathedral. Two brothers lined up pretty fast to get in, free nhé. Paris weather is quite cold (as perceived by Mr. Hiep), and I feel normal, perhaps due to the mood eager to warm up the body. Going through a circle in the church I step out quickly because it does not fit the solemn things in it. Get out to enjoy the smell of Paris, the breath of Paris, the pamphlets rubbed in the shade under the cold 10 degrees.

Along the Seine, tour guide introduces the bridges, the specialty of Paris. In Paris there are 37 bridges spanning the Sein River, which not only play a role in transport but also important historical and architectural significance. I determined that from today began to walk every day tired feet, and months to enjoy the muscle that should be slow to step. Look at the Paris Bridge, the Seine River cruise ships, the top students in the field, watching the beautiful young boys wrap around each other.

The first strange feeling in this country is the weather, quite dry, and cold. This time in Seoul, it’s already early summer, but here it’s still under 10 degrees, but it’s still sunny in the shade but it’s cold in the shade. The second is the Seine and the bridges, and the architecture of the city. It is true that a city always has a river running along its veins with a certain symbol, but it reminds people of that city, the rows of stone beds under the shade of the bridge, the paths The footprints in the footprints, and the romance on the banks of the Seine still lingers in the heart of many people. Architecture is another surprise. Buildings that have been made for hundreds of years now remain intact, and are not out of date, all of which follow a general master plan, which I will cover more when taking panoramic photographs. City view from Arc de Triomphe.

The next destination is the Louvre. My friend and I did not think that it was such a waste of time that it took two hours to get under the museum, maybe I would have gotten used to this superlative queue in Europe. The museum is free, but to see galleries of famous works such as Mona Lisa painting will cost you. I’m not so excited so it’s time to turn around. If you intend to visit many museums in Paris, then buy a tourist pass, including packages when visiting all the attractions here. Out of the museum, follow the banks of the Seine River through the Tuileries Garden, and the Concorde Square.

Doves are also the symbol of Paris, and the pigeons are also very smart, I hold a few crumbs, then the whole herd is on me. It seems that this pigeon has been trained by so many visitors so it is no longer strange to be fed like this.

After coming out of Concorde Square I head straight for the Champs-Elysées, where the Arc de Triomphe is located. This is a fairly straight walk walk, and the wide, sidewalk pavement is enough for thousands of people to walk here. I’m sure I have to walk a lot so I have to prepare the shoes very well at home, avoid like the previous trip Sing, go to a session where the legs were blistered ah. There are many stone benches on the side of the road so that pedestrians can rest whenever they feel tired. Actually tired, not tired, but just sad … go to the toilet only, it’s cold. Suffice it to say there are no public toilets here. I can not help it. Nearing the boulevard, I took a break for a walk. Many big brands are located here. Detect wifi at any one free, there is free but must have user. My friend gave me an account of him, the mobile network users here have, so from time to time there will be network to update the situation.

The final destination for today’s afternoon is the Eiffel Tower, where not only me but almost all French travelers want to see at least once. Although not where I see every position, every place in central Paris has the angle to see this tower from afar. Walking distance is quite long, I do not think Paris is so wide, it’s just walking in some central district. I am quite eager to be here, standing at the foot of this tower, and there is still a motive for me to go faster than it seems in Paris only at the foot of the Eiffel Tower is there public toilets free,

In the end, I was also eager to see the Eiffel Tower in front of me. The first feeling of satisfaction is that being here, watching and touching the giant steel is the dream of a lifetime. The Eiffel Tower looked up from the ground up, but it did not seem to meet my expectations, because the sight of the tower was not as beautiful as it was imagined. Maybe it’s too dark today, and it’s usually at night when the tower lights up. Looking at the present, the steel block is quite old, almost like the feeling I first saw Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, in the photo shining how to see the first look disappointed. Tourists at the foot of the tower are very crowded, queues to buy tickets to climb the tower is also crowded, who lined up to enter the public toilet is also no less crowded.

The wind blowing at the base of the tower is very strong and the weather is cold and the weather makes the cold more severe. My friend and I stood at the foot of the tower for a while and walked around in circles. The area around the Eiffel is very wide with many roads and rows of barren trees because of the winter’s price. Near the end of the afternoon, it was time for my friend to return home without missing the train.

My friend has to go home because he can only take me out for a day. So from now on I will have to do this alone, slightly sad, but also bear only, good news is that I experienced quite a lot of poison. Before my friend told me to treat you to Crepe, halfway around the world to Paris, you must know what Crepe is. So my friend and I lined up for the hot crepe in a small shop just below the tower. It started to rustle again, it was about to rain. Cold cold, dim, holding a hot cake that also warm heart.

I broke up with him and I hurried to find a way back to the hostel. This Aloha Hostel is located in a rather small alley, if you look at the paper map it is very difficult to find, but I have not down the offline map yet so I can look up without a network connection. Fortunately, when I had wifi, I was able to capture the screen to save the detailed map, although it was difficult to find and far away, but after a while I came here.

After two days living in the air and wandering in the streets, it seems that I am also a non-destitute, homeless, and wild. But when I stopped at this hostel, the warmth covered my mind, from a wanderer looking for his home. A warm, gentle air just outside the door that is cold but a big difference. I can go everywhere, live and sleep in the airport, harbor, but there is a safe and warm place is a precious thing to help regain strength and peace of mind for the upcoming journey.

Check-in room is quite fast and pay always at check in, I got the key to enter the room I had booked on the second floor. However, this room is quiet and quiet, with only 6 bunk beds, I lay downstairs bed next to the door. At this time I was experiencing what the hostel was like, the bunk beds stacked like a student dormitory room, although it was clean and beautiful. All the furniture is scattered on each person’s bed, where there is a private cabinet will put my belongings there. In this room, there are only two Irish students, they are on holiday, so they travel to Paris and also intend to travel around Europe like me. Talk to get used to a while then I go to take a bath and take a break for the time to run out to capture the sunset.

Tired, it was the first day so I was not used to walking all day this morning. Although there was no feeling when I went out on the way, but when I came back to my room, I had spent a lot of nights sleeping on the plane, and then a long walk. Wake up after a nap for a while, looking outside, 8h then it’s still light, I rushed out of the house towards the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It’s dark, but the road is so far away, I’m not going to shoot it because the rain is so bad, but I’m still trying to catch up. It takes more than 30 minutes’ walk, then find another shooting angle. Finally the product is not very well.

It was dark, wandering at the foot of the tower for some time, seeing several pairs of Chinese bride and groom taking photos here. From the afternoon until now met so many couples like that, then the Parisians too crazy. Although I do not deny Paris too seductive and have a strange attraction to everyone. Later on I also just want a couple that intends to ask me through Europe wedding photography, sure I will not charge you wages! Thought miscellaneous and then around the same time was also 10 pm, stopping to rest for tomorrow and fight again.

Paris by night
Paris by night