Hong Kong Tourism

Hong Kong is a modern city with a unique blend of Europe and Asia. This is also one of the “Asian Dragons”. Hong Kong people often think of Disney Land, the unique Wax Museum, or Peak to see the whole of Hong Kong. That is also the Must See points of the Hong Kong Travel. Also if you have been to Hong Kong then you should visit one foot to land MaCau, the land of Casino and also a land with a mixture of Europe and Asia. Moving between Hong Kong and Macau is quite simple. How to go? Where to sleep in Hong Kong and Macau? Please spend 5 minutes reading through the below article of I Go to get a Travel Guide Hong Kong and Macau.

How to go hong kong?

There are two ways to go to Hong Kong. With Air, it is more convenient, but the cost is higher by road.

From the airport to the center: Take the express airport for 15 minutes, cost about $ 100 HK. Take this type of advantage fast and convenient. Going back to the airport this is fine. Tickets for sale from terminal 1 look out at the ticket counter, buy tickets on the train at the terminal and then take a taxi to the hotel.

Bus takes 45 minutes, cost about HK $ 40. This is a cheap point of view (the second floor bus ride). Disadvantage: If you have more luggage then do not go this type. Can consider the return. How to buy tickets: From gate B, go to the right a little bit will see the bus, go down the ground floor, should search in advance or ask the hotel about his bus and I will be down at the station.

Moved in Hong Kong

Like most other cities, the most convenient means of transportation are MTR, Bus. Refer to www.mtr.com.hk. And there are also versatile cards in Singapore. One of them is the convenient Octopus card (like Singapore’s Ezlink): pay for MTR, Ngongpin cable car, and pay bills in convenience stores. In addition, Octopus cards are also available for payment in supermarkets, convenience stores 7/11, Watson. Even some attractions such as cable car ride to Peak Peak, Peak Peak Peak Peak at Peak Octopus are also comfortable.

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Octopus card

  • Use the Octopus Tag Utility: Swipe the card through the card reader, passing through the bar. Note that if you do not swipe the card at the point of departure, at the destination will not come out.
  • Buy tickets in the segment: Buy at the automatic machines in the MTR. On the touch screen of the machine, with your hand touch the gas you need, the machine will show the price. You can buy multiple tickets at once by selecting multi. Finished money into the slot, waiting for the ticket to print out and return the excess.

Where to buy Optopus card? Every customer service counter at the subway stations. At Airport Express’s Customer Service counter at the airport when you arrive.

Some Octopus Cards:

  • The standard Octopus card is divided into children (pink, in the card there are HKD 70 including 20 HKD and 50 HKD in the card), adults (many colors in the card is 150 HKD including 100 HKD Use and HK $ 50 deposit in the card). The reason for the deposit, deposit can help you not get trapped in the situation that need to go back to the money used to fit all the time. But note: only be negative once.
  • Standard Octopus card: divided into children (pink, in the card there are HK $ 70 including 20 HKD for use and 50 HKD for the deposit in the card), adults (colorful lot for tourist Sold Tourist Octopus: Only adult type, price is 48 HKD, but there is no use for this money. Watson, Circle K … If you’re afraid of using your machine, go to any convenience store 7/11, Watson, Circle K … Reimbursement: If the card has money and want to get back money, you just go to the Customer Service counter at any MTR station, take the card out and love. You will be refunded all the remaining money in the card (including the deposit). You will only lose HK $ 7 for the refund fee. The card has 150 HKD including 100 HKD for use and 50 HKD for deposit. In the card). The reason for the deposit, deposit can help you not get trapped in the situation that need to go back to the money used to fit all the time. But note: only be negative once.

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MTR system in Hong Kong

Main routes:

  • Island Line (blue): This is the route of Hong Cong Island. On this route there are major shopping centers such as SOGO, Time Square (Causeway Bay Station), which has a view of Kim Tu Kinh Square, where Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1997 (Wan Chai Station) Bus to Ocean Park (Admiralty Station), Peak (Admiralty Station)

  • Tsuen Wan Line (red): This is the route of the Kowloon Peninsula. On the route there are major shopping centers and landmarks such as Harbor City, Star Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Sham Shui Po Station, the bustling market Mong Kok) …
  • Tung Chung Line (Yellow): The route to Lautau Island, which has an international airport, Disneyland (Sunny Bay Station), cable car to the Great Buddha (Tung Chung Station), has outlet shopping Citygate (Tung Chung Station ) …

At the entrance, insert tickets into the slot. Go through the bar and remember to get back the ticket to use at the end. After reaching the end, the exit will collect the ticket.

Orientation: MTR routes of each line will be named end points, along the way. For example, you are at Central Station, want to go to Causeway Bay Station. At Central Station, you will find a line called Chai Wan (which is the end of Island Line on your way). Take this route to Causeway Bay then down.

Conversely, for example, you are at Causeway Bay Station, want to go to Central Station. At Causeway Bay, you will find a line called Sheung Wan (which is the end of Island Line on your way). Take this route to Central is down.

How to change the Line:

If you want to switch to other lines, go to the intersection.

  • For example, you are in Hong Kong Island, want to go to Kowloon Peninsula to play. You take the Blue Line Island Line, to the intersection with the red Tsuen Wan Line as Admiralty or Central Station.
  • For example, you are in Hong Kong Island, want to go to Disneyland, Citygate Outlet or the Buddha is on the Yellow Tung Chung. You need to go to Central Station. Here, walk to Hong Kong Station (indoor) and find Tung Chung Line.
  • For example, you are in the Kowloon Peninsula, want to go to Disneyland, Citygate Outlet or the Buddha on the Yellow Tung Chung. You need to take the red Tsuen Wan Line to HongKong or Lai King Station and change to Tung Chung Line.

The bus route you refer to through this site: http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/air…px?intLangID=1

From Hong Kong to Macau

To travel to Macau you take the TurboJet Ferries. Afternoon you can go from Macau to Kowloon of Hong Kong. When you arrive in Macau remember to contact the ticket to make sure. More hours Ferry runs and costs money here.


From Guang Zhou to Hong Kong

From Hong Kong to Guangzhou you take the subway to the last station to Shenzhen (about 40 ‘to 1 hour depending on where you Hong Kong) at the last customs clearance station. Then take the train to Europe (about 40-50 minutes)

Also to Guangzhou from Hong Kong by train is also a good choice. There are 12 shuttle flights between the two cities daily, and passengers can pass the train to Guangzhou from Hong Kong at Hung Hom Railway Station in Kowloon and to Guangzhou in Guangzhou East Railway Station. It will take about 1.5 hours to get there. Passengers can buy tickets at Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong, and in Guangdong Station. It can cost HK $ 190 per ticket. Guangzhou-Kowloon by train is the preferred choice for business travelers (Journey time: 1.5 hours).

Hotels in Hong Kong

Guests have many quarters and it depends on where you plan to go. The top criteria when choosing a hotel or hostel when traveling self-sufficient abroad are: near public transport like subway, bus . Some hotels are ChillyTrip.com aggregate is Favorable and good comments:

DRAGON HOSTEL: Email: 707@dragonhostel.com. Address: Room 707, 7 / F Sincere House, 83 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon. Tel: (852) 2395-0577, 9347-476. This is a good choice for you to go self-sufficiency.

Private booking for 4 people, price 74.76usd / night. The hotel is located on a block of Sincere House. The building has 2 lifts, one side operates until 12 pm, one side operates 24/24 so extremely convenient. Location: extremely convenient, the building is just 3 minutes walk from Mongkok MTR. Room 20, open window is to see Ladies Market. Beneath the building, take the Tung Choi Street elevator down to the famous Mongkok snack bar (famous for its popular tofu).

The bus from the airport stops nearby and the bus to the airport is also nearby.

Quality: 4 private rooms, WC inside, water heater, air conditioning. Room small but clean, neat. There is a hot water dispenser in the living room (you can take a bottle with you to drink). The 707 room has 2 free internet computers, a microwave oven for the food.

Way from Airport to Dragon Hostel Hotel: to the airport, take the direction of the arrow pointing to the bus station (City Bus). Climb to the A21 bus, go to the 6th station (actually tell the driver, when to Mongkok call down). After stepping out of the bus is Nathan Road, looking left (towards the street) will see the sign of HSBC bank. Take this direction to the fourth corner, turn left onto Argyle Street, past two intersections and you will see Sincere House at 83. The building is located between three streets: Argyle Street, left hip Is Tung Choi Street, its face must be Fa Yuen Street. Do not go to the front, but you can choose two sides, each side is a lift to the building. Elevators at Tung Choi St. operate until 12 noon, Fa Yuen side elevator operates 24 hours a day. It’s up to everyone to choose.

From Dragon Hostel to Airport: From Dragon, take the elevator down, cross the road twice to reach HSBC Bank on Nathan Road, walk along this road a short distance will see the bus station with the board “Bus A21 to Airport “saw it coming up, slept until the doctor called the airport.

Hotels in Lan Kwai Fong Central area: The area is very vibrant after 12 midnight weekend. It is also near the Shopping Mall with great brands: topshop, gap, Marc Spenser, Massimo Dutti, h & m to Gucci, A & B, LV, Dolce, Hermes, Vertu, Polo Raplauren, Prada … Tokyo brand off used used (HaiPhong Road many). Close to the Central MRT station for a 5-minute ride to Hong Kong Station. Near The Peak, 15 minute walk.

Merry Land Hotel: clean, neat, has: television, refrigerator, dryer, air conditioner, water heater. Negative points: small bathroom should pay attention to the water splashed off the floor, small room just enough to sleep, no closet with only clothes hook, no comb or brush, so bring cream shampoo dr bath soap.

The JJ hotel in Wanchai: consists of 4 floors from the 9th to 12th floors of the Lucky Building on Wanchai Road. Inside, large bed, with cabinet, table, TV shelf, bathroom also wide. The hotel is quiet, even on the road, not crowded as on Causebay or Mongkok, a 10-minute walk to MRT Wanchai Exit A3, a 3-minute walk to Tram. Go Central or Causebay by Tram, cheap, only 2,3HKD adults, and 1,2 HKD for children.

The Maple Leaf Hostel in Kowloon:Tsim Sha Tsui, on Nathan Road (near the end of Nathan Road, crosses to Star Highway via the road). Gia about 120HK $ / night / person. Small room for 1 bed for 2 persons and 1 bed for 1 person. The advantage is clean, full facilities (toilet, TV, wifi, ….)

At the Tsim Sha Tsui, the Park Guest House Hotel costs HK $ 2200 (HKD 550 per night for double rooms), for 4 nights, a small room, Hot, air-conditioning, television, mini fridge, free wifi. The hotel is located right at the Chungking Mansion so the security is quite good, from here to Avenue of Star only about 150 meters. The housekeeper is also very nice, polite and speaks English very well. When you checkin, you just need to show off the room book code is ok. Address: 36-44 Nathan Road, Block A1-A2 on the 15th floor of Chungking Mansion.

You can check rates and book hotels on Prestigious Booking around the world: Agoda.vn.

What is Hong Kong Tourism?

Hong Kong has four main islands:

  • Mongolia: this area is crowded, many markets and entertainment.
  • Hong Kong Island is home to Ocean Park and major shopping malls.
  • Great Island is the site of the international airport, Disneyland, Great Yakin – ngongpin, and Out let Tung Chung.
  • New world Island, there is nothing to come here.

The most convenient way to travel between islands is by MTR, between the Mekong and Hong Kong you can take the ferry. You can take a scenic stroll around the starferry. Here are some experiences of visiting places.

Tung Chung – Statue of Buddha – Disneyland 3 points are very close together but should not be together for one day. As you go to the Great Buddha statue you will take 30 minutes walk + line up the cable car 2 times (up and down), sit cable car also takes 40 minutes for both times. Go to where you will spend time photographing in the souvenir village (if more people take pictures as long). Note that the cable car is 6h30pm, so reasonable time to be able to take pictures are great. After going to Dai Phat about you can go shopping in Tung Chung always, about 9h pm home.

So you can not combine these two points with Disneyland Hong Kong. Disneyland 5h has a nice parade, the little ones are very fond of. Also 8h has a very beautiful fireworks according to story (or more than fireworks at Universer Singapore). If you go to a large group or have children with you, you should spend the whole day or at least 1 pm must also go to Disneyland because there are many games that are very time consuming not to mention the eye-catching souvenir shops (for Take pictures comfortably). How to go to Disney land: take a taxi is quite expensive, bus must jump and wait for the trip, so it is best to go MTR: buy tickets from the departure station to sunnybay line purple and marked with a mickey mouse go size 40 -45 ‘(depending on where you are from, should also ask again or see the map in advance to prepare). See information about Disneyland Hong Kong here at hongkongdisneyland.com

Where to buy Disneyland Hong Kong tickets?

Currently Disneyland HOngkong tickets are 589 HK adults and 419 HK children. You can buy directly at the ticket counter for the above price. In addition, you can also buy in Vietnam through Kite travel at preferential rates, cheaper from 50 HK – 100 HK / ticket depending on the time. Details you can view and order at http://kitetravel.vn/du-lich/hong-kong/

Wong Tai Sin Station: This temple is quite large with Chinese architecture with many bronze statues and beautiful scenery. You can go to the photo shoot or ask for custom garment (more than a little Quan Su Pagoda). After the tour is complete you can go to the KFC or Eat BreadTalk to buy eggs. These two brands in HK quite rare so many places do not have. Breadtalk eggs are must try, delicious.

Nan Nial Garden: This is a royal garden in Japan. Just like going to Hue, you have to visit Hue Citadel. Here, although very close to the highway on high but very clean and pure with green trees and trimmed meticulously very Japanese (In HK very few trees, rare). Here is a place where you should dress up a little and do not laugh too much.

Nong ping: Should go and go by cable if you do not have much time and health. Right at the foot of the escalator there are some ticket sellers on the 360 ​​Sky Land Sea tour. If you’re going all the way on cable then stay healthy and get the main points and beautiful. As for the sea, you have to walk and catch bus number 11 (wait a bit longer) to get to TaiO (Sea). In TaiO you will take a small boat ride at sea to visit a little bit and then take bus 11 back to Tung Chung (go very long than the cable because go around the mountains, go out at 1h30p).

Wax Museum: book online after 9h discount and from 9h-10h more than enough to take pictures. Before going to the wax museum you can reach the top (40 HKD, if you do not go 100 sky), and on the way from the station of the peak tram to the entrance of the wax museum has a $ 30 hand wax facility, plus 10 $ For one more color and $ 10 for extra soles (this is to dip your hands into the wax and draw a wax hand in the shape of your hand).

Big Buss Tours: A kind of bus tour around the city. Some routes of this Big Bus tours:

  • Hong Kong Island (9:30 AM – 18:00 PM): Man Mo Temple, Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo, Wan Chai and Victoria Peak.
  • Kowloon (10:00 AM – 18:15 PM): Nathan Road, Temple Street, Ladies Market.
  • Stanley (9:15 AM – 16:45 PM): Stanley Market.
  • Night tour (19:00 PM): Nathan Road và show Symphony of Lights.

Stanley market (http://www.hk-stanley-market.com/) is an ideal shopping destination for Shopping followers. The market is built from a traditional fishing village of Hong Kong promised land. And now it has turned into a busy market with a variety of products of Chinese origin. For those who love shopping, it may take hours at Stanley Market. In addition, you can also enjoy some food at the restored old house, or the main street restaurants along the harbor. Way to Stanley Market by MTR: Take Central Station and catch bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 from the Exchange Square Bus terminus, or take bus 40 from Repulse Bay. One small tip is that when shopping you should bargain down to a third.