Review hotels in Taiwan’s dusty travel trip

To Taiwan, it is as far away from the mainland as developed countries in Asia. However, living standards are not too high, generally higher than Thailand or Malaysia. The hotel room rates are reasonable but the quality is excellent, from furnishing to furnishings and aesthetics. For groups of friends traveling to the station, or financially able to choose private rooms in the 3.4-star hotel and above, but if you go alone? Nothing at all because the hostel in Taiwan is very tight and comfortable.

The criteria for choosing a nice, convenient hostel in Taiwan is the location near the central station or near a subway station, the hotel does not have to be too luxurious but it must be prominent and have angles. take beautiful pictures

Taipei – Cavemen Hostel

Location: This hostel is located at 7F, No. 5F. 34, Guanqian Road, Zhongzheng District, 100 Taipei (Taipei), only 5 minutes’ walk from Taipei Central Station. Located on the main road of Guanqian, you may find it hard to find because this hostel is located on the 7th floor of the 34th building. You enter the building, hit the 7th floor elevator which is up to the hostel.

Due to its central location, you do not have to worry much about restaurants, bars, convenience stores around. Just 3 steps away is the House of Jin Teng Tea House – 京 沺 屋 with delicious taste, then a line of breakfast shops with everything to choose from. Right near Taipei Main Station should go everywhere, opposite is a huge Mall is Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Station Store what is also. A big H & M mall is also nearby.

Cavemen Hostel
Cavemen Hostel

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Facilities and service

This hostel is a floor of a high-rise building so it is quite spacious, has a common living room with a full table and chair, suitable for you to rest or work, very quiet space. In the evening go out to bathe out here and chat with friends in the same well-coughed, cultural exchanges and learn more about people in many countries.

The bedrooms are located in the same area and another area is mainly for bathrooms and toilets. As a hostel, the bedrooms are dormitory style with many bunk beds, but very convenient, beautiful and full of utensils. Each person has a drawer with a private key. The toilet I hit extremely clean, many bathrooms should be comfortable without waiting for anyone.

Room Rates: I stayed for 2 nights at 700 yuan, apparently now rising to 300k-400k / night / single bed in the dorm room,

Disadvantages: Do not think of any downside, it seems to remember that at this time I do not hold soap or shampoo, but in the hostel is not available should be out looking. The outside looking for a store selling this is a bit long gone right there.

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Common living area

Tainan – Tavern L Hostel

Location: The central station of Tainan City is 10 minutes’ walk away, although the hostel is located on the large but quite quiet road. Tainan is so peaceful. Right outside the hostel is a bus station so travel is quite convenient. Address: Tavern L Hostel No.38, Chenggong Rd. ,, Tainan City, Tainan.

Facilities and service: This hostel is not very large, rectangular floor area and area of ​​50m2 / floor, but 6 floors high. Looking outside, it looks more like a vintage cafe, the bottles of wine, beer on the rack you see below are all used bottles. But you serve here very enthusiastic and have many fun games, creative, they also have dinner party stars but I do not know very much because the evening I go to play is not here. These bottles of beer you make yourself a simple lamp look very romantic.

The 1st floor looks nice and eye-catching but the bedrooms are more simple, not as nice and full as other hostel in Taiwan that I stayed in. Bunk beds here are students, no curtains between the two beds together, so the lack of privacy of each guest. The interior of the rooms is also not beautiful and modern. In return, the common living area on the first floor is quite comfortable, especially the staff are very enthusiastic, although their English is not very good.

Another downside of this hostel is the wifi signal in the bedroom is quite weak.

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Kaohsiung – Paper Plane Hostel

Address: 10F., No.287, Bo ‘ai1st Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I went to this hostel in the evening after catching a local train from Tainan. Kaohsiung’s development is no less than that of Taipei, and transportation is extremely convenient as the metro system covers and runs continuously in the central area. So I booked a place in a place a 1-minute drive from the city’s central station, just a minute’s walk from Houyi Subway Station.

Located on the 10th floor of a tall building, it would be a discomfort for anyone to go late because the area around the evening was very quiet. Too 11h is the lamp on the first floor is off, you have to manually open the door and take the elevator up.

Facilities and service:

In the evening, though quiet, but bright, it is quite bustling, outside the building there are many restaurants to choose from eating. But the best thing about this hostel is the facilities and the room layout as well as the common area. Furniture such as tables, chairs, bars and ceilings are both modern and ultra-modern, with many touches that create a lot of shooting angles for those who love to pose.

The most prominent is the dorm-like, modern bedroom, from the door to the closet of each guest has a password, something I have not seen in the previous hostel through. Not yet, each bed is separated to create a private space for each person, the building is covered with glass so the evening look super shimmer. That night in the room to a dozen beds that only I stay there so alone to own the room always, love to lie down at all. From the room looking through the glass of magic light, but also see the Love River always.

As a separate building, in the daylight, the sunlight shines through the glass door of the magical new house. If anyone wants to have a private space to relax or work, this hostel is also quite suitable.

Breakfast at the hostel is quite simple, only bread and milk, jam, ok also with dusty tourists. It is extremely pricey, only $ 13 / night / bed, which I consider this one of the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in, not too wide but extremly!

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Hualien – Hualien Wow Hostel

Location: Located directly opposite the central station of Hualien, within 2 ‘walking distance. The central area of Hualien is also here so if anyone needs a clean, simple hostel then this hostel is suitable. Right outside of the hostel there are many restaurants, and the shops for renting motorbikes around are countless.

Address: No.83, Guolian 1st Rd, Hualien, Taiwan.

Facilities and service:

This hostel did not have much time off because when I went to Hualien it was 12 pm, the next morning I had only a breakfast time and then check out the room to go out all day. The general feeling is quite exciting, because the guests here are mainly from the West, from all over. The hostel also sells a variety of Taroko National Park tours, renting a car with a private driver for the day.

Because so many Westerners here, the hostel is well decorated with eye-catching materials, gorgeous lights, as in most major hostels. Also, because Hualien Wow Hostel has its own 5-6 floors, each floor is over 100m2 wide. Staff are friendly and speak good English.

Dorm rooms also have many types, I choose a room with only 2 beds. When I got to my room, there was a couple of German men and a Taiwanese woman. Slightly embarrassed because the room only me and this couple, but just saw me, the German guy laughed and said yes natural. So I asked and all three sat talking to each other all hours, all in the sky under the sea. I also inquire how to get to the places in Taroko National Park, because this trip I go too fast, farewell to finish the train to Taipei always.

This hostel is generally okay, with no objectionable points, simple breakfast, and electronic games for guests. Price: 12USD / bed / night.

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