Rong rode around Paris

Wander the streets of Paris

Strange breakfast

Wander the streets of Paris: The dawn is 10 am, I wake up after a deep sleep. It may have been a long time since we were so tired, our legs were tired after a day of walking dozens of kilometers all over Paris the day before. Of course not exhausted because I felt that I could still walk like this for months on this old continent without feeling anything. Looking around this small hostel, you will remember that it was deserted yesterday and now the bed is full. A big boy in my upper bed, another couple in the next bed, it turned out that I chose mixed room so both boys and girls could sleep together. Everyone in the room is quite natural not to notice anyone around, only me is strange a little. Actually, I was about to get up early at around 6-7 am to watch the sunrise, but the rain pouring out of the window helped stop the courage to sleep another 3 hours.

For the first time in this type of hostel, so where to go everywhere to embrace a bunch of camera equipment worth hundreds of millions of his. Anywhere is more careful than not, especially in the land where the countryside full of traps while I was with the strangers never met. Before going I was also bewildered by the Paris travel experience of people who shared that robbery here and many other European cities are even more horrible than Seoul.

Personal hygiene within minutes to get down to breakfast and check out the room. Scheduled the next morning I have a very early flight to Barcelona, ​​so tonight I will have to go to the airport to sleep in time for flight. The breakfast room is a pretty pit under the building. Below is very cozy and quiet, when I come down, there are some friends who are eating here. Everyone was very friendly, the owner of the kitchen gave me the meal included in the room price, two buns of milk accompanied, an orange juice, and a large bowl of whole crumbs.

Wander the streets of Paris
Wander the streets of Paris

French bread is so delicious, it’s just cheap free bread for the people. Dairy is good, different from home. During later times in Europe I almost had sandwiches, but the bread I found most delicious was probably Pita in Santorini – Greece, a cake almost Kebab Doner in Seoul but much better Not as monotonous as the sliced ​​sandwiches I eat along the way. After eating bread and milk, I returned the bowl of crumbs because it was too hard to eat (actually I did not know how to eat!). The hostess was surprised, telling me you had to pour fresh milk, mix well and eat well. I was in a hurry to eat well, so I laughed thanks, so next time I will definitely try as he said. Then I ran up to the studio to get ready to go.

The outdoors is still cold, windy with little rain. Today I determined that I was going to be quite far away so I did not send my stuff at the hostel, accepting to wear over a dozen cheats. Just my thighs because it hurt from yesterday. Hanging around the neighborhood nearby, I went into a small supermarket to see what food and goods in this Paris land it looked like. The food here is not too expensive, sausage or bread is just over Vietnam, the vegetables are expensive, no less than the price of frozen meat. I would buy less bread and less canned meats, all day long. Since there are no vegetables so I bought some apples instead. A good thing is that the fruit in some European civilized countries is very clean without preservatives so it is usually eaten without peeling. Anyone who travels to Paris or the big cities is happy to buy fruit instead of daily vegetables. Out of the supermarket I headed towards the Eiffel Tower.

Wander all the way to Paris

It was noon at night but the Eiffel Tower was crowded all over the place as usual all the time in this area. The temperate country this is so funny, like the weather in the sea because a few minutes ago the sky was still dark black clouds, but no sooner had switched to green shut off. The wind is very strong, the clouds move very fast and the sun has come out clearly. I was so happy to think of myself as a bad guy, and I was in a bad weather, and then hired some sort of exposures from the Eiffel Tower.

Wander the streets of Paris
Wander the streets of Paris

The fast-paced clouds under the blue sky create a strange effect that makes the Eiffel Tower more prominent. From this direction, straight through the tower, you will meet the Pont d’lena bridge crossing the Seine, crossing the bridge over a quite high square opposite Place du Trocadero. From here you can see the panoramic Eiffel Tower from a distance, quite beautiful. Sitting in the park next to me again began to walk forward, the destination will be Champ Elysse Avenue again. Because Paris was so pretty yesterday, so today I just went to the places I went.

Walk through the bustling streets of central Paris, mainly with people watching. One thing to notice is that the French people here are very beautiful, both French boys and girls have a very specific beauty, that is the stylish young, romantic and always exuberant fun and love life. Anyone on the road also has a style quite own and attracted from all angles. The people of Paris seem to prefer to sit in street vendors on big streets; they are cafes or restaurants protruding from the sidewalks, where only tables and chairs are located outside, where they do one. The small house surrounded by glass and decorated with colors is very beautiful and noble. You can easily see groups of young people sitting in the morning or in the late afternoon, dressing stylishly and smoking a cigarette, mouth speak with a strange exuberant look.

On the other hand, there is a class of immigrants here who are very recognizable, who are primarily Arabs, who call themselves “bugs” in their local dialects. They are tan, whiskers, girls are usually low and fat. Others are black Africans from France who have come from colonial countries since ancient times. As long as I wander around in a crowded tourist area at once, there will be one person carrying a table like a survey panel near me to talk and ask: “Excuse me, speaking English?”

Often I would refuse because I knew they had only one job to find tourists and to raise money for something. Seeing that the French also hate the bugs are very because they are quite lazy to have a different culture with the French. Another characteristic of Parisian streets is that a lot of blacks are selling Chinese clones on the streets, from souvenirs, clothes to selfie sticks. People like this are everywhere in Europe, and in the morning they gather up a large piece of cloth, picking me up a spot on the sidewalk, scattering out to invite guests. Meet these objects I always have to be wary of being robbed at any time.

Wander the streets of Paris
Wander the streets of Paris

The cars around the Arc de Triomphe are horrible, it’s a wide bodywork that car does not leave a void. I wondered for a moment not knowing how to cross the barrier because there is no better way to pass through this vast boulevard, I finally decided to cross the road full of cars. Then I knew there was a tunnel for pedestrians. A lot of drivers poked their heads out the door shouting at me, so embarrassing! Sitting at the Arc de Triomphe for a while, struggling with shooting deformation, two policemen armed with guns near me. They do not speak English, but speak a single sentence:

“Excuse me, your tripod is not allowed here”

Too frustrated to work and create beautiful pictures and strange effects I necessarily need to use tripod. Although it took a while and then I have to quickly quickly pick up the gear and go, fortunately before that exposed some kind of idea.

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Standing below the Arc de Triomphe to see how great this works. This is the work Napoleon built to welcome the victorious troopers back, it as a symbol for the victory of Paris and to honor the army. At the foot of the Arc de Triomphe is the memorial area. Continue wandering on the road, quite unpredictable because there is no place in the predetermined journey has not gone. The weather is clear, clear and blue, but always freezing in the shade.

Today’s final destination is the sunset at the Louvre after capturing the pictures taken by famous photographers. I came to the museum quite early, partly because the weather in Paris was very late. If you want a nice photo here then just Louvre should go at sunset because only at this time the museum is empty. Here are the shots I like to capture, you can see the entire album I took this famous museum on my Flickr account.

Wander the streets of Paris

Wander the streets of ParisWander the streets of Paris

Goodbye Paris

The end of the shooting was 9:30 pm, but only 10h was the last bus of the day to Orly airport will run. I hurriedly carried my pile of clothes on my shoulder to the bus station. The distance of nearly 5km with only 30 ‘clock, I ice as professional walking athletes just go look at the map, then still time to ask people to the bus station. Finally, luckily, it is also timely. Buy tickets and stay on the car to the airport. One day took place with energy exhausted no less than the first day.

Orly Airport is one of three airports in Paris, 20km from the inner city. Because it is only an auxiliary airport after the CDG, it is relatively small, mainly for low-cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryan Air. It seems that at night the flights here are not working so the time from 0 am onwards in the lobby area is very quiet with only a few passengers like myself and some cleaning and security staff . It was a bit strange to me, so I went on a sightseeing tour of Barcelona’s morning flight, but this information was a few hours before they took off. Running around for a while I finally found me a small chair left to sleep. Feeling like a homeless, alone, cold, surrounded by so many people as I struggled at the airport, somebody lying on the floor. I can not lie but just lay back a bit, the other two are in the same situation as me. A sleep is not expected to be delicious. Wearing two coats, a knee-high pillow, a blanket and a visually-sighted blanket from Qatar Airways, gradually fell asleep.