Rustic Vacations Russian Rusk Leaves in October, 2017

Rustic Vacations Russan

Autumn is always the most beautiful time in Russia with the forest of birch bottomless, forest maple leaves, red leaves running free. The largest country in the world is also full of fascinating works of architecture, great art and rich cultural, historical and natural diversity that anyone who comes to must love passion. will set up a team called “Russian Dumplings” this October to explore the Russian gold rush at an affordable price. Russian dusty tourist spot – October 2017. Days: 9 days 8 nights. Number of members: 10 – 12 people. Visit the most beautiful spots in autumn October Russia. Departure Date: 25/10/2017 (+ -7 days for booking cheap flights). Registration deadline for the delegation: 31/7/2017 Detailed Dust Travel Russia schedule

Day 1: Your Country – fly to Moscow

Morning comes from airport in your country. Afternoon dusk at Domodedovo Airport (or Sheremetyevo), move into central Moscow, stay at the hotel in the old town of Arbat. Have fun walking around, eating at Arbat walking street at night.

Day 2: Moscow visit Morning visit the winning park, triumphal arch, Borodino paintings museum. This is a cluster of buildings built to commemorate the victory of the Russians against Napoleonic invaders in the early eighteenth century. This victory is associated with the name of General Kutuzov.

Afternoon isit sparrow hill, Lomoosov University. Standing on the hill overlooking the city of Moscow. Up on the hill is the famous university Lomonosov (now known as Moscow University), which has trained many great people in Russian history as well as the world.

The evening goes to Vnukovo airport for a flight to Saint Petersburg. Finishing at Pulkovo Airport, back to the hotel in central Saint Petersburg for a break.

Day 3: Discover Saint Petersburg Morning visit to the Winter Palace – Hermitage Museum of Art. The Winter Palace was built in eight years from 1754 to 1762 at the request of Queen Elizaveta, until 1917 the palace was home to all Tsars. This place has witnessed many historic and heroic events of the Russian nation, especially the October Revolution of 1917. The Winter Palace now becomes the Hermitage Museum of Art, 3 million treasures, is one of the two largest museums in the world along with the Louvre in Paris, France.

Day 4: Saint Petersburg is beautifulVisit the summer palace in Petergof. The palace is known as the “capital of the water spray stations,” located just off the Gulf of Finland, which is the summer resort of Russia.

Day 5: Visiting Saint Petersburg

Morning visit Catherine’s palace and Tsar’s tomb in Pushkin. Located about 20km south of Saint Petersburg, another name is the city of Pushkin, which is a magnificent palace, also the tomb of the Tsar.

Day 6: Saint Petersburg – Moscow Morning back to Moscow Afternoon visit to Izmailovsky Park (the most famous traditional market in Moscow)

Day 7: Explore Moscow In the morning around the center of Moscow, the bridge over the Moscow River near the Kremlin.

Afternoon and evening visit the Red Square, the Kremlin, historical museum, Basil’s Cathedral, GUM commercial center. Red Square and St. Basil’s Basilica were built by Ivan Hung to commemorate the Mongol victory, opening up the tsarist rule. The Kremlin was originally built to protect a residential area of ​​the Principality of Moscow, later on the Russian side built up many churches and the Kremlin, the Kremlin is now the president’s workplace. Russia and the Russian Parliament. At the foot of the Kremlin there are many famous people’s graves, like the heroes who died in the Great Patriotic War, former Soviet heroes such as Yuri Gagarin – the first to fly into space, Former Communist Party secretary, … and especially Lenin Mausoleum.

Day 8: Fly back to Your Country Morning: Shopping, Free to play, shopping Afternoon airport return to Your Country.

Day 9: Morning on to Your Country ended the journey.