Travel experience in Taiwan

Traveling in Taipei
Traveling in Taipei

Taiwan is an unknown destination to many travelers around the world. Therefore, there is not much information about Taiwan Tourism. The article below from ChillyTrip.com brings together sources, to help you get a guide for Taiwanese travel.

Going to Taiwan you need about 5-7 days depending on economic conditions and time. If you go long you can do a round the country of Taiwan, go along the sea from east to west. The two major cities of Taiwan are: Taipei City, Kaohshiung, from these two big cities you can go to other places. The famous tourist attractions outside of the two cities should also visit: Hualien (where there are ecological tourism and beautiful beaches with cliffs high above the sea), Sun Moon Lake (a large lake located in In the middle of Taiwan, in addition to visiting the lake you also discover the unique temples), Taroko National Park.

Traveling in Taipei:

In Taiwan, there are three main medium-cost public transport options: mass rapid transit (MRT), THSR (Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail) or regular train or bus. As in other developed countries, commuting by MRT is convenient and safe, whether you know Mandarin or not.

For buying tickets for buses or MRT, you can go to super, buy easy card cards, deposit 100 TWD and recharge your card, can load about 600 TWD (depending on your use). Use this card on the bus or train to swipe into the box of money is finished, automatically out very simple. If you buy one ticket at a time, the fare is about TWD 20 per visit, with no time limit as long as you enter once and once. If you are confident with the ability to grasp the road, you can get a bus cheaper, priced at 7 or 10 TWD.

In addition, Easycard cards can be paid for THSR (high speed trains, at some points), and payments at some supermarkets (7eleven grocery everywhere, Pizza Hut etc.). Specifically, why you look here: http://www.easycard.com.tw/english/use/index.asp

Taiwan Tourism site

The first destination that can not be missed while traveling to Taiwan is Taipei City with many attractive destinations for Taiwan.


If you travel by yourself then you should have tourist map maps, which are free to play at the subway station. This map is printed in several languages, with maps of famous Taipei attractions and specialty food outlets. You follow the directions on the map and then buy subway tickets that go, both safe and save.

Taipei 101 Building:

The tallest building in the world with 101 floors (this is the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010). From 89 to 91 you can watch the whole of Taipei City and part of Yangmingshan Mountain if the weather is nice. Around this area are the famous shopping malls and exhibition grounds of Taiwan). Inside the building there are also many photo exhibits on the history of Taiwan’s formation and development.

Guide by MRT: This building is located in Xinyi District. To get there, take the blue line, stop at Taipei City Hall station, exit 2 with the bus to go there, but walk well, then exit exit 3 and follow the hiking trail. Go to the park, go to the walkway and then through Songgao Road, go a little bit turn into Songshou Road, go to see the road there is a cineplex zone called Warner Village, go and turn right, go forward will See taipei 101. The building is so high so you will see it to see the direction.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Plaza

It is a large square, where a large building was built as the ancient Chinese palace to commemorate Chiang Kai-shek. Inside is Chiang Kai-shek’s statue. Students come to this square to practice. There is a large concert hall, galleries. A symbolic visit to Taiwan, so visit to learn about Chiang Kai-shek

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Plaza
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Plaza

National Museum of Taipei

Often referred to as Taiwanese Museum, many antiques displayed in the museum are antiquities of Chinese Kings used in the Imperial Palace in China, which Chiang Kai-shek carries when fled from the mainland.

The antiques displayed in the museum are changed every three months, so many visitors still do not see all the objects on display. According to the people here, the entire mountain range behind the museum was hollowed out to store and preserve antiques.

The most popular tourist attraction is the jade cabbage, which is carved very well, looks like the real thing.

Getting There: From the central station, take the Danshui MRT Line to Shilin Station and take the R30 (Red 30 – Low-floor bus) bus to the National Palace Museum. You can also catch other routes near the museum square such as Buses 255, 304, 815 (Sanchung – NPM Line), Minibus 18 and Minibus 19.

Or take the Wenhu MRT Line to Dazhi Station, then take bus B13 (Brown 13), signal lights will light when approaching the square in front of the museum. The fee for two MRT and bus runs is around 30 TWD.

Shilin Night Market

Most visitors to Taipei-Taiwan visit and shop in the night market. Stalls scattered across small streets full of products for you to shop and gift. The food stalls here are also delicious and cheap. The car selling decorative fruit and attractive aroma radiate from the food counters in the market always make your stomach unstable. The winter market starts from 5 pm until 2-3 in the morning. During the day there are many shops open but not busy by night or evening, a lot of young people come here to play and shop. Currently, a new Shilin night market is opened, and will replace the older, cleaner, more orderly market.

Further guidance: You should visit the Freedom Square, the Sun Yat Sen Memorial House, the Taipei 101 Building (11am in the morning) by MRT in the morning, lunch in the B210 Taipei 101 basement or In the basement B2 of the Shinquang shopping malls right next door, cheap and tasty. In the afternoon, visit the Museum of Stupas from the Cityhall station to the Shilin station – also the shining of the Shilin night market and take the bus as instructed above, dinner at night, enjoy local specialties and Wander the night market at Shilin then take the MRT or bus to the hotel. The MRT runs its final flight at 12:00 midnight and serves 24/24 on New Year’s Eve.

Beitou Hot Spring Area (located at Xin Beitou Station, north end of pink MRT): You can take a hot spring, and visit the natural hot springs. Bathing in public areas is very cheap. If you want to take a bath in your room, you can go to hotels in the area, they will build their own bath areas.

Night markets and shopping areas: Shilin Market, Ximending shopping district, Taipei 101 mall, Zongshan Road

Taiwan through video


If you are interested in exploring, love nature, Hualien is the right destination for you. Hualian is a city located on the east coast, from Taipei to here by train about 2.30 minutes, with fare about 650 TWD. If you go in the spring or summer you can also drive a motorbike or motorbike here at a distance of 175km at 3 hours and 30 minutes by car. The Taiwanese government and the environmental association have made a very clear decision to develop Hualien as ecotourism sites. No more construction of quarries and no industrial parks. thick.

By the sea, mountains and scenic mountains. The rocky mountains and soaring blue sea attract most tourists to visit and relax. Travel services complete with seasonal or theme festivals that take place continuously.

From Hualian you can go to Taroko Gorge National Park, an attractive natural ecological destination in Taiwan. If someone likes mountains, streams, zig-zag trails and natural places for trekking and photos then you definitely have to go to Taroko.

Kaohsiung Tourism Taiwan

From Kaohsiung airport to city

  • Taxi (about 15-20 minutes), price 300-350 NT (TWD)
  • Subway (MRT): Subway station right at the airport, exit the airport gate turn left hand about 100m to reach the subway station, At the counter at the subway station, you buy a card (KMRT card) 100NT, then ask the seller to add about 300NT, then use the card to swipe into the two doors of the train station.

High speed train from Taipei to Kaohsiung, you can find information and train time here:


Attractions in Kaohsiung

You can travel by subway for cheap, then walk to the attractions, both cheap and convenient.

Xin Jue Jiang Night Market

In Taiwan famous for night markets. Xin Jue Jiang is a busy night market in Kaohsiung, located at the R9 (Central Park) subway station. Central Park is also a beautiful subway station of Kaohsiung. From the R9 MRT station, you go to port number 2, pass the road.

85-storey building:

From R9, you can take a taxi to the entire 85-storey building is also near. This is the economic symbol of Kaohsiung. You can buy tickets to the 85th floor to see the beautiful Kaohsiung panorama. Ticket price is 150 TWD.

Fomosa Boulevard underground station

This is the most beautiful gas station Kaohsiung (R10, Fomosa Boulevard), also the center of the city. From here you can change boat to Cijing island, many island visitors visit to Kaohsiung.

From R10 Station, you change the train (with arrows at the station heading for Sizihwan) to catch the train to Sizihwan. At Sizihwan, people can rent bicycles for strolling, then ferry to ferry to Cijin Island.

Sizihwan should eat Bing (ice with fruits or beans). The ice cream shop is located along the side of the road to the ferry. Delicious and not expensive (40-50-60NT).

Cijin Island

The sea in Cijin Island is not ideal for bathing. The streets are also relatively old and not as clean as in the city. To Cijin just to watch the sea and night market food market, selling fresh seafood are very much, the price is just right and is written on the menu or on the sign. There is a cream pie of a Turkish man, his ice cream is very unique Turkish style so people are often curious to see.

RuiFeng night market

Located right at R14 MRT Station (Kaohsiung Arena), take exit # 1 and go straight for about 5 minutes. This is mainly a relatively concentrated, fully stocked snack market in Taiwan. And to talk about food to Taiwan can not stop eating tofu, one hot pot, Shui Jiao (Drizzle) and drink milk tea (Especially Lu Gai, a delicious ice tea can not describe).

In addition, in Kaohsiung there is a closed complex of entertainment, schools, hospitals, trade centers, golf courses called IDA World. Most Kaohsiung. Want to get there you pick up the purple bus with pictures of the funny animals in the car (can pick up the bus at the Kaohsiung Railway Station). Visiting is free but free of charge.

For shopping you can go to Hanshin Commercial Center (R14 Metro Station, Kaohsiung Arena) or to Sandou shopping district (R8 Metro Station). You can also visit Love River. From 4 pm to 11 pm the river will be lit by lights. It is possible to rent yachts from the east coast to the beautiful, cool and romantic west coast or can sit on the river drinking tea is very fond. Emphasize that the river is very clean. You descend to Yanchengpu MRT Station and look at the guide at the station to get there easily.

Hotels in Taiwan

As a developed country, hotel room rates in Taiwan are quite high, as well as the price of hotels in Japan.

Hotels in Taipei

You should find the hotel near the Shilin Market (in Shilin District), or near Taipei 101, where MRT is easily accessible to many places in the city. In Taipei, you find a hotel near Shilin Market.

The Royal Seasons Hotel Taipei is a luxurious 4.5 star hotel located in a prime location in the heart of Taipei City. Just steps away from the hotel, you can easily access some of the most fascinating attractions, such as the Shin Kong Life Tower in Taipei, the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. If you find a hotel in Taiwan you can refer to this location. Hotel information and Royal Seasons rates you see here.

The San Want Hotel (5 star) in Chung Hsiao Street – Taipei is quite convenient for traveling to the city’s tourist attractions. With the city’s main attractions such as Zhongxiao Dunhua Metro Station, Mingyao Department Store, Zhongxiao Breeze Center within close reach, visitors to the hotel will just love its location. You can view hotel rates here.

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